Now DOTA 2 in Russian. Patch of October 16th.

19 October 2015

Game Developer DOTA 2, Valve released an update October 16, 2015. This time, the patch also includes Russian voiceovers 9 individual characters. Work on the Russian customer will continue.

Official statement Valve:

"A project of DOTA 2 in Russian starts. Russian text and voice can be configured independently of each other. To change the language, press the right mouse button on the Properties menu in Steam, open the properties of Dota 2, and select the appropriate language voice. Further, Steam client itself will load the appropriate libraries. Patch includes a full Russian translation of the default commentator and of 9 characters:

- Dragon Knight

- Ogre Magi

- Invoker

- Shadow Shaman

- Sniper

- Queen of Pain

- Legion Commander

- Pudge

- Shadow Fiend ".

Update October 16 include:

- Added matchmaking teams.

- The "Online Games" now includes the status of the current match and player information.

- Improve the performance of the menu list of friends.

- Taba Arsenal enabled navigation buttons Home, Page Up, Page Down, End.

- Now you can share with other gamers commentators.

- When choosing a region includes automatic ping of all players.

- Shut off all penalties when searching for games with low priority.

- The Courier Alt + Click on the objects allows you to see the owner.

- Updated interface when selecting players invited to the group.

- Fixed the horizontal scroll boot screens user.

- Fixed animation cyclic loading screens.

- Updated textures and effects Terrorblade.

- Added new command console user:

- Removed the console command:


- Fixed a bug with the default color shells treated of diamonds.

- Fixed units in the dialogues with the murders.

- 5% of the canceled bet to win.

- Added bonus bet to win each match after the start.

- Fixed bugs in objects and Immortal Arcana for:

- New Tickets TV DOTA:

- Added tab "Now there is a game."

- This tab includes the ticket counter.

Soon will be able to view the full information about tournaments: Profiles of teams, matches, tournaments and other checkerboards.

The full list of fixes and additions available on the official website.

Examples of Russian voice:

- Announcer:

- Legion Commander and Shadow Fiend:

- Queen of Pain, Shadow Shaman and Sniper:

- Ogre Magi and Pudge:

- Dragon Knight and Invoker:

The size of the patch: 225Mb.

Yuri Donchenko