Developers discuss the future of Vainglory and mobile games [INTERVIEW]

15 September 2017

E-sports does not stand still. And today, next to eSports leading disciplines for stationary computers for several years now, how are official matches for video games on mobile platforms. In this area, the leading developer is Vainglory's game company Super Evil Megacorp.
To assess the scale of eSports development for mobile platforms, it's enough to look at the last Vainglory Summer Unified Championship tournaments, where Cloud9 team won, and in the Finale the well-known brand of the modern competitive scene like Immortals also played. Features of the mobile e-sports were discussed by the journalists of The Esports Observer with top managers of the Super Evil Megacorp corporation: Evan Denbaum, General Manager Editorial & Esports and Heini Vesander, General Manager Editorial & Esports. The transparent e-betting portal invites you to plunge into the world of modern mobile e-sports. Earlier we published the interview with Bunyamin Aydin - the owner and founder of the eSsports organization Space Soldiers (Turkey).

Evan Denbaum (left) and Haini Vesander (right)

How personally do you and your development team see Vainglory as an e-sports discipline?

Evan Denbaum: I'm just excited about the growth of Vainglory as an e-sports game. This growth is much more than we imagined. We approach this game as a great game, and the Vainglory community of fans gives us feedback on its value.

Haini Vesander: This year we saw how many well-known brands of e-sports have joined this scene.

How do you see the growth of Vainglory as an e-sports discipline?

Evan Denbaum: We are actually trying to make our best game even better. When you want to do something even better, you must anticipate the needs of players and fans, how they will play, what they expect to see. It's like in American football, when the quarterback throws the ball to the receiving player and you watch the ball go. Care and attention to detail make our game really successful.

Do you view mobile gaming space as an advantage or as an obstacle in your work?

Evan Denbaum: We are on the right platform. Mobile gaming has 3 billion users and has a tendency to grow to 5 billion.

Haini Vesander: Just a few years ago, there were not as many mobile device users as today. Now we are witnessing a joint synergy of the technology of our engine, which is becoming very popular and at the same level as the PC platform.

What about the differences between different mobile phone platforms and tablets?

Evan Denbaum: We have some players playing on the IPhone 5 or IPhone 5c because they want to have a small screen. This leads to the fact that the users themselves customize their devices.

And what is the best campaign you see for Vainglory as eSports?

Evan Denbaum: Our first task is to legitimize e-sports. On the other hand, our goal is to invest in intellectual property: in our characters, our history and legend, our design.

Yuri Donchenko