NiKo (FaZe Clan): We will try to win all possible tournaments [CSGO]

18 September 2017

At the recent ESL One: New York 2017 tournament, FaZe Clan (Europe) won. In the Grand Final, they managed to wrest victory from Team Liquid (USA) on 3 maps: In the ESL Finale One New York 2017, the FaZe Clan team defeated Team Liquid on three maps: de_inferno 16: 3, de_overpass 16:14 and de_mirage 16: 4. For the victory FaZe Clan received $ 125,000 dollars. This tournament was part of the Intel Grand Slam Season 1 series with a budget of $ 1 million, sponsored by ESL and DreamHack. Previously, SK won the ESL One: Cologne 2017 tournament, which is also part of the Intel Grand Slam S1 series. The second winner was the G2 Esports team with gold at DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.
The journalist of the HLTV magazine talked to the player Nikola "NiKo" Kovač, who was awarded the MVP medal as the best player of ESL One: New York 2017. The portal for fair bets publishes abstracts of the interview with the Bosnian. Earlier we published interviews with the developers of the mobile game Vainglory.

You dominated the tournament so much - even in the Final, that you did not pass any maps to rivals. Did you expect such a triumph?

NiKo: Yes, we knew that we were going to this tournament as the strongest team, but we did not expect that we would get such results. We worked hard, starting with the tournament in Malmö. We used every opportunity for training, which allowed us to improve the game so much. So I'm very happy that we have succeeded in such a short time. We went to all possible tournaments for 3 weeks in a row. Once again: I'm very happy that we found our game.
Already after the tournament in Malmö, right after the defeat, we talked a lot about the upcoming ELEAGUE CS tournament: GO Premier 2017. [In Atlanta, FaZe Clan won 2-0 in Group A, without missing a single map.] We worked hard and trained. We used 4 or 5 days to prepare for ELEAGUE. And it helped a lot.

Now you have played several tournaments in the FaZe Clan. Have you decided on the roles in the team?

NiKo: Yes, I think now everyone knows his role in the team. This is not a specific set of roles, when someone plays a certain round in their place. We have 5 comprehensive players, each of which can act at its discretion. This is very helpful in terms of roles in the team. So it's easier for us to win on each of the maps.

Is it possible to compare your team with the previous Fnatic in this way?

NiKo: Yes, of course. I think that we have almost the same team as the previous Fnatic. Each player can do everything he can to win the round. So we are similar with Fnatic at the moment. I hope (laughs).
We will try to win all possible tournaments. Now we have everything we need for this.

Yuri Donchenko