FalleN (SK) after losing to Team Liquid on ESL One New York 2017: They are now in the best form [CSGO]

19 September 2017

The last two Counter-Strike tournaments our team finished with silver medals: in New York on ESL One: New York 2017 and on ESG Tour Mykonos 2017. This allowed the team to go up to 3 lines in the HLTV rating (# 6 place). Despite this, the Brazilian roster SK Gaming continues to hold leadership positions, remaining on the first line.
The HLTV journalist managed to talk to SK Gabriel "FalleN" player Toledo after the ESL One: New York 2017 tournament. Why did the team lose to Team Liquid in the semifinals of the tournament in New York and what are the achievements of the guys before the end of this year. All this is read in the review of the most honest portal in the world of eSports bookings CybBet.com. Earlier we published interviews with the best player ESL One: New York 2017 "NiKo (FaZe Clan).

Looking back at the two past tournaments in Greece and New York, where you both lost Team Liquid in the Semi-Finals, what do you think about these matches? Why is it difficult for you to play with such a team now?

FalleN: We just played with the wonderful Team Liquid team, they are now in the best form. Earlier we did not see them with this level of play. It is important to understand that we did not expect such a game from them. And also that they play better than ever.

Do you feel that at the individual level you are now playing below your capabilities, especially if you compare the same tournaments compared to last year? Do you think that some players have fallen in their individual skills?

FalleN: I do not like pointing fingers at someone or saying that someone has problems. For example, if you look at the statistics and try to find the answers to these questions in the context of the indicators in those tournaments that we lost, we will see different figures. felps, for example, has different indicators in the tournament here in New York and in Greece. At ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 he has very decent figures. Moreover, they are the best of all possible. You can not just look at the statistics to answer all the questions. We need a higher level of understanding of the processes of what happened.

Earlier you said that you want to take 5 trophies in 8 tournaments. Now it's 5 out of 6, right? The options window is closed.

FalleN: While we have not played all the tournaments, it is still possible. Yes, it's certainly unpleasant (laughs). Perhaps we need to set more realistic goals.
But we are here to do our work and I think we are doing it very well. Despite the losses, we finished past tournaments in the Top 4 and, to be honest, we do not like to stay in the Semi-finals. We want to play in the Finals. And if we lost there, if we were there on the sidelines, we will be sad.
But we are SK and we are the best team in the world. We still want to win every tournament. The top 4 is not for us.

Yuri Donchenko