Inflames match-fixing scandal in the Korean league KeSPA.

21 October 2015

At the end of September this year in the Korean eSports league KeSPA (Korean eSports Players Association) thundered scandal surrounding the players and organizers associated with match-fixing.


Association pro StarCraft player in South Korea. There was in 2001. Conducts rankings of professional players, depending on the real achievements in tournaments. Overall rating includes more than 200 athletes. Special popularity got the best of 30.

In a press release the association is clearly stated that the team's players and Prime YoDa BBongBBong, as well as their coach Gerrard involved in the organization of games with obviously known result. Also, to report the inquiry that the police had arrested these three dishonest athletes.

Photo Gerrard

More information is also stated on the official website of the Prosecutor's Office Changwon. Law enforcement agencies, however, cryptically named, but the South Korean press surfaced nicknames gamers, so the information can be considered reliable and clear to the public. Unknown to a wider audience were only the organizers of match-fixing, so to say the top of this criminal group.

Yet less than six months, when in Korea stormed another scandal is also associated with the organization of match-fixing. In January 2015, tempers flared around the player sAviOr, also known under the name Maestro. Then, in the history of match-fixing, or in the English tradition of Match Fixing, it was uncovered a scheme in which in addition to the players involved and the bookies. A total of 2 players sAviOr and Justin received from each fusion games from $ 1 000 to $ 6 000. And the bookmakers, who are also often closed their Internet sites, in order not to pay the winnings, earned over $ 150 000. All offenders received suspended sentences or fines .

Photo Maestro

Such a scheme involving bookmakers and implemented Enough, not very well-known player and esport journalist. That he joined the players on the team Prime YoDa, BBongBBong and others, and so-called coach Gerrard "sponsors of the team." Brokers initially invested some of the money to the team, and then decide to run other "money-making scheme."

The general public became aware that players receive from $ 5 000 to $ 26 000, and the coach Gerrard about $ 9 000. The organizers, they also sponsor teams - about $ 40 000. Incomes bookmakers (associated with investors) have not been established.

In KeSPA also reported that recognized the contractual 5 matches. Players received a lifetime ban on the profession in KeSPA, as well as fines. The team disbanded.

Yuri Donchenko