The new leader Virtus.Pro NEO: We know about the problems and we will solve them [CSGO]

20 September 2017

At the previous ESL One: New York 2017 tournament, the Virtus.Pro team played not very confidently, having lost all matches. The Polish roster could not even leave the group and this led to the resignation of the inside-game leader (IGL). Now they are the player Filip "NEO" Kubski. On the game form of the team and its place in it told NEO to the journalist Slingshot, the interview with which portal of the best bets on e-sports offers you. Earlier we published an interview with the captain of SK Gaming.

What are the main conclusions you made from the presentations this week?

NEO: We've been fighting strenuously lately. Many things had to be improved. We have some internal problems that need to be overcome. But we solved them or in the process of working on them. We know about some of our problems, what we need to do and hopefully, we will solve them.

This situation is not new for you: you are in good form or are struggling to improve it, correctly I understand you?

NEO: Actually, no. We came to the worst. In our general impression, we now have the worst times. Perhaps right now the results we have worse if you look from the outside to the situation. But inside we see that we can go back to where it was better. And the main factor that plays a role here is the role of the inside-game leader. Snax did not have the experience that TaZ and me have. He learned a lot during this time. Who knows how long that situation with bad results could last. Someone must take up the role of an inside-game leader. I think Snax got a lesson. Now is the time to move on and we will see what will happen next.

I'm sure it's hard. But leaving Greece and changing such an important role as an inside-game leader, you probably need to practice before the next tournament?

NEO: Yes. But on the other hand, I and TaZ have already been leaders for many years and this is not a problem. Of course, no one knows what it will lead to, but what was at previous tournaments does not suit us. And we see the solution of problems in the player's change on this role.

And what about the moment that you five already play the last 4 years?

NEO: We played with the old line-up since 2006. We have the same line-up for almost 4 last years. Here we have nothing new, but it's good and bad. When you bring new blood to the team, everyone expects a new one. In everything new. And with the same old lineup, you already know in advance what to expect from such a lineup. This is both good and bad in one. We are comfortable with what we have.

Yuri Donchenko