RUSH (Cloud9): Our individual qualities allow us to win against the strongest teams in the world [CSGO]

21 September 2017

In August 2017 2 OpTic Gaming RUSH players and tarik switched to Cloud9 (USA). The updated roster managed to enter the Top 4 teams of ESL One: New York 2017 and go up to the 4th line of the HLTV rating (now # 9). How was the adaptation of the player Cloud9 Will "RUSH" Wierzba (William Thomas Wierzba) and what caused the victories in the tournament in New York, the journalist learned during an interview with an American. The portal of fair bets on e-sports offers you a detailed interview with RUSH. Earlier we published an interview with the new intra-gaming leader Virtus.Pro "NEO".

What were the main conclusions you made during the ESL One: New York 2017? This is your third LAN as part of Cloud9?

RUSH: I think the main conclusion of the tournament is that we learned many things in the aspect of the team game, and so on. Undoubtedly, our individual qualities allow us to win against the strongest teams of the world, which we demonstrated, having won Natus Vincere 2-0. But when we faced FaZe Clan - with the team that is now stronger than us individually, it was not easy for us to dominate. So we still have much to learn and where to improve our individual skills.

The match that you mentioned against FaZe, can you take as an example, when you were really disappointed with the result? Or, on the other hand, they just did not miss the opportunity for victory?

RUSH: There was a mix of disappointment here because we played in front of the home audience. And it sucks to play badly in a home match in front of our fans. These are our fans from the US who came to the biggest tournament this year in the US and it really hurts. But we just resigned ourselves to our fate. Sometimes we overplayed them, but they took the upper hand over us, flawlessly carrying out shots.

How did your joining Cloud9 go in terms of a general change of scenery?

RUSH: Everything is fine. As I said in one interview earlier, we have a wonderful five players. I did not have such a composition in OpTic, where I changed every month. And in general, the organization is very good. They sent me this clothes and stool for 2 days after the transfer. Also, the fans are very wonderful. I did not lose my fans with OpTic Gaming, at least I think so. Sometimes fans are very harsh when you leave the team. But they quickly forget your departure. So I'm pleased to feel their support. It was a smooth transition.

You've been playing with tarik for about a year now. How do you see his participation in the team on the new role of the in-game leader?

RUSH: I see that this is a strong move. He does not have a surge of emotion when something goes wrong. Also, a good fact is his confidence and positive attitude, even when people argue or quarrel. He is always calm and he always has a strategy.

Yuri Donchenko