Overwatch beta-testing will also take place in Europe

23 October 2015

Game Overwatch first was announced at last year's Blizzcon 2014.

Overwatch - shooter, developed by Blizzard Entertainement. The game is the first person from a variety of "Heroes." Each character has its own role in the team and their abilities. This is a game between two teams of six players. The gamer chooses one of the characters. The role of the team is of 4 types:

- Protection (Def): protects the character bottlenecks in the lines of defense, forms a trap for the attacking character.

- Support: healing players for the Allies creating effects that reinforce the hero to the enemies - on the contrary weaken.

- Tank: The main problem - the confrontation of enemy attacks using armor and other skills; It is greater than the other, the survival rate.

- Offense: high speed, large firepower and low defensive capabilities.

After the death of the game, gamer can change the role and character.

Altogether there are more than a dozen characters. Among them: Bastion, Torbjorn, Angel, Dawn, and many others.

Maps of game are based on real Earth locations. Revealed the first 3 maps:

- King's Row (London)

- Hanamura (Japan)

- Temple of Anubis (Ancient Egypt)

Currently, there are 2 game mode:

- Payload: The attacking team accompany the goods to a certain point. The enemy stops it.

- Point Capture: The attacking team is attacking a certain point on the map, the defenders prevented the attack.

The plot of the game Overwatch is built on the near future, when it is necessary to solve the global crisis "Omnic Crisis". Elite international team or a team of Heroes Overwatch is the guardian of peace and protect the Earth.

The story and some characters are disclosed herein:

Today game is being developed for PC only, and do not know when will the console versions, or versions for other OS platforms.

Closed beta testing starts on 27 October 2015. In order to test a limited number of invited gamers. Initially, it was announced that beta testing will take place only in the North American region. Now, however, I received information from the developer, after America and join the players in Europe.

Yuri Donchenko