Released patch 3.0.3 StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm

29 October 2015

On the eve of release Legacy of the Void StarCraft II developers have released update 3.0.3 for Heart of the Swarm.

General changes

- In the Asian and American regions added new servers.

- When you select Automatic opponent selects the best server in the region, taking into account the index of ping.

- Added configuration select the preferred server in the region. By default it exhibited "the most complete compliance." If the player is not satisfied with the quality of communication, he can change this option in "Settings / Language, and Region."

- Improved automatic matchmaking. Now, the selection of a rival player or team has become more relevant, given their level and skills. Significantly reduce instances where an elite player was selected, along with a bronze.

- There have been significant constraints on behavior in chat. For those players who violate the rules of communication in chat, may be restricted. They can not:

- Send private messages to players who are not their friends in the game;

- Communicate in general and team chat rooms;

- Communicate in an open, group and private chats;

- Send the message of the tournament lobby;

- To review the cards.

- For the first violation of the exchange of information in chats limitations specified above, lasted 24 hours. The following restrictions will be doubled.

- Will be a special visual and textual notations for players who violate the rules of communication.

- This will display the remaining time before the removal of restrictions on entering the game.

- In the game menu will appear on the player avatar special red icon.

- In Settings / Graphics alert displays after selecting the level of texture average or higher. This applies to computers RAM (random access memory) is less than 2 GB.

- Improved network code in the game, which will play a smaller loss of data packets.

- Increased amount of network storage for the Toy Library. Now it is up to 300MB.

Usability. User's Interface

- Now you can connect to the current games. It is necessary to right-click on the game's page of "Open Game".

- Team Lobby chat will place links to indoor games.

- There are new video of game's plot. They are available at the beginning of each campaign, which tells about the previous events.

- If the user has selected a low or medium level of graphics quality, the theme background is changed to a static two-dimensional image (instead of threads Artanis).

Changes in the Gameplay.

- New labels for cards: Protection, Already in transit, Retreat, Attack. To leave these labels need to press the Alt key and move the mouse (left click) on the desired path.

Yuri Donchenko