The captain of the Kazakh roster AdreN (Gambit Esports): We want to win at every tournament in which we participate [CSGO]

16 October 2017

The club from Kazakhstan Gambit Esports received a ticket to Kuala Lumpur at ROG Masters 2017, playing in the Final against the Germans from mousesports. Despite the defeat of 1-2, the Kazakhs showed an excellent game playing on Nuke in overtime 22-19. In this round, played well HObbit, after 36 murders and 17 headshots. The portal of killer eSports bets offers you an interview with the captain of Gambit Esports Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev. Earlier we published an interview with his fellow player HObbit.

mousesports usually do not play Overpass, but they chose this card in the first round of the Final series. What are your assumptions about this decision of the Germans?

AdreN: We feel great on Overpass. This is probably one of our strongest cards. But then we could not play as we wanted. The Final itself no longer had any prizes for anyone. So, I think it settled down in our thoughts - we thought that it does not matter. We just tried to practice on the maps we wanted to be better at.

What were your thoughts when you realized that there were no more prizes?

AdreN: We did not discuss it, but we all knew that the game in the Final does not make any sense. Yes, we wanted to win. Of course, every team wants to win. But once again I repeat: in our minds the thought has settled that all this does not matter.

In any case, you coped with the task of passing to the Finals in Kuala Lumpur. What do you think about these competitions?

AdreN: This is excellent! I love playing in Asia. I do not know, but I think that I will play there even more confidently. I mean ... I love Asians (laughs). So I'm very happy that I will go to Malaysia to play at this tournament.

What do you think about Andi and his appearance in the team?

AdreN: It works great. I like the way it works. He brought a lot of things that we did not use before, many new combinations. But we still need to work with him. Also, he is still a novice and he needs some time to adapt. Let's look to the future.

Yuri Donchenko