The best commentator v1lat on the state of Russian and American DOTA 2 [DOTA]

17 October 2017

In the break between Natus Vincere and compLexity Gaming in StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3 in Kiev, Vitalii "v1lat" Volochai talked with the journalist of Co-founder of the studio Dota 2 RuHub "v1lat" spoke about the state of the Russian DOTA in the face of its leading clubs Natus Vincere, Virtus.Pro and others. Portal of fair bets on eSports offers you the main quotes of the interview. Earlier we published an interview with the captain of the Kazakh roster Gambit Esports AdreN.

Let's start in the hot pursuit of the scores of the match Natus Vincere against Team Secret. How would you rate this outstanding match?

v1lat: Hell, I just enjoyed the tournament, I did not comment. I can only scream. I did not worry so much for Natus Vincere for a long time. Good work, really! Although they started with the Pugna peaks in the first stage twice, which was not right in my opinion. He should have been banned. But they have prepared a lot more. I expected more from Team Secret.

What do you think about compLexity Gaming? Do they play well?

v1lat: compLexity did a good job. What makes the American pro scene so cool is that they have coL, EG (Evil Geniuses), OpTic, Immortals and Digital Chaos. 5 equal teams. Perhaps Evil Geniuses are a little better. The first 5 qualifications were won by these 5 different clubs. The level of competition within the North American region has become much stronger thanks to these teams. And dammit, I did not expect compLexity Gaming to beat Newbee.

Now the CIS is playing against Europe on the qualification DreamLeague Season 8. What do you think about these matches, especially when they start to play Secret and Liquid? Will the CIS teams be able to defeat them?

v1lat: First of all, thanks to DreamLeague. He did a good thing: they did not invite anyone to their Major, but everyone was able to take part in qualifications. I do not think we'll see Vega Squadron, Team Empire or MidOrFeed in Major. But the other 5 clubs will compete for 4 slots. Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid and Team Secret must win unequivocally. So OG and Natus Vincere are likely to play the last fourth slot. It would be very nice if the two best CIS teams went further. But it will be difficult to do. Although NaVi will have an advantage, if OG can not find their game.

Yuri Donchenko