In 2018, revenues in eSports represent nearly 2 billion dollars.

02 November 2015

Every year the revenues in eSports industry, an increasing number of advertisers and brands. Super Data analyst firm estimates the market to 748 million dollars in 2015.

Sponsorship revenue and advertising revenue reached a level of $ 579 million. Revenues Asian investors accounted for $ 321 million., Or 40% of the global pie. Their growth has slowed in comparison with the West, in which investors have earned nearly $ 400 million. The US market accounts for $ 224 million. And to Europe - $ 172 million. According to the researchers, the market growth of e-sports in 2018 will reach $ 1.9 billion.

There is a growing share of income in the segment bookmakers ($ 56 million. And the proportion of 7%) and amateur tournaments ($ 28 million.). In this case both directions are emerging. But by 2018 they will grow almost 5 times. Proceeds from the sale of tickets for the tournament in 2015 amounted to nearly $ 16 million. Souvenirs and direct merchandising at the point of sale - $ 17 million. It should be noted that the market for e-sports is only one-third less than in a traditional basketball NBA (USA), where relations sponsors and advertisers have a century-long history.

The most significant budgets tournaments in esports disciplines were distributed as follows:

We note the market share of 65%, which falls on the League of Legends.

According to analysts, eSports is becoming increasingly popular, attracting traditional media channels such as TBS (cable television channel of USA) and ESPN (sports American cable TV channel). Also, the world's leading brands, such as Coca-Cola, Redbull and Intel, are included in this market.

Investors have invested in new platforms bookmakers more than $ 150 million. But their income for 2015 was $ 56 million. Most of all, fans expect more flexible conditions to hold rates.

The audience in 2015 rose to 188 million people worldwide. Pro-gamers and teams of top-level included in the category of celebrity (the stars of show business). Also note the excess of supply over demand in the segment of amateur tournaments. More than a third of e-sports fans in the United States are taking part in them, but the market is overheated.

Analysts say the growth of eSports for mobile platforms. In the US, the share reached a new milestone of 19%. This segment is dominated by Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

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Yuri Donchenko