Results of the World Championship Season 2015.

03 November 2015

Out of the main event of the year for pro-gamers and fans of League of Legends. Play all the 73 matches World Championship season in 2015, and therefore time to take stock.

For the second time in history became the champion of the Korean club SK Telecom T1. For already five-year history of the tournament Riot Games we have a double champion. And the team soon 2 players (famous Faker and Bengi) coach KkOma duplicated his title, repeating the result of 2013. 1 million. Dollars went to South Korea.

Here is the complete list of the lucky players:

* Easyhoon substituted Faker in several matches.

With a total score of 14 wins against one-win team SKTT1 card took away the championship trophy.

KOO Tigers from South Korea failed in the finals to beat the champions. With a score of 1: 3, they lost. But the second place of honor, and (not least) of 250 thousand. Dollars will remain at the vice-champions. The team, champion claims that almost nobody believed before, managed to beat only a losing card SK Telecom T1. Therefore, the second place - is also a powerful map. For KOO Tigers.

For fans and lovers of statistics leave here the whole championship set for 5 years of the tournament.

The Fnatic in the semi-finals failed to pass KOO Tigers 0: 3 and deserved the result of repeated her 2013 semi-finalists. But the mood is not the champion, because this game does not end there. Everyone remembers their first triumph of the season in Sweden.

Here are the results of all the games Playoff Series:

One of the notable failures of the tournament was the game teams from the United States. All 3 teams LCS North American League: Cloud9, CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) and TSM (Team SoloMid) lost, not leaving the group games. The promised withdrawal from professional sports has done a living legend of American eSports Marcus Hill aka Dyrus. That's a touching moment with tears of farewell to the fans:

Also, we note a bad game the Chinese teams. Only one team was able to get into the playoffs, where he was defeated by fnatic.

And yet, after all the failures are forgotten here such scenes of eating broccoli player №1 in the world Faker. Recall that this he promised to do on the occasion of the new hairstyles and provided that his team will win.

And finally, I want to join to the joy of many fans on the occasion of this great event in professional e-sports. All! Season games in 2015 died down, it was the turn of new victories and new champions.

Here the final video from the publisher of League of Legends by Riot Games.

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Yuri Donchenko