ESports portal CybBet launched its lottery.

04 November 2015

Have you seen when the skill is not enough, when all kinds of weapons tried, and the "fine" to the right to get "huge thing" and fool begins to start? The expensive thing of advanced weapons, you might think, and rightly so. Some win the battle is still not skill, but properly chosen weapon. On the eSports portal CybBet receptive to the truth of life, we are opening a lottery!

Did you know..

The biggest win in the CIS-countries recorded at the Muscovite, who put 50 rubles 3 years ago. Guessing all 15 matches he has won 141 million rubles. What is most interesting, by the time the lottery has accumulated as a huge jackpot. Here the best luck!

Thus, the section of the website - dedicated to the lottery - open. Now you can get valuable gear for your favorite games DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on our site.

In order to gain access to the opportunities a CybBet lottery you (of course), you must create an account. Also, you will need to login portal Steam. And access to the profile, and inventory should be open and public. That's all you can play!

The page you are using lottery money to our internal CM (Cyber Money). Replenish your deposit real money live, our system automatically recalculates them in the CM at the rate of 1000 CM = 1 US dollar. On the same rate, you can withdraw your winnings and. No cheating, guarantee.

The lottery involves all our registered users, who replenish at least 1 US dollar (1000 CM).

Usability page Lottery clear and friendly. You can see all the people who take part in this drawing, the sum of all rates, of course, your bet and the probable value of "A chance to win." You can make multiple bids in one draw. All are equal and only increase your chance.

In the Bonus / Update СM menu, you can update your balance. Once a day, we update the data here all registered users. By the way, if you do not know, we give our players the last chance: if your wallet is empty, every day we added on to it +50 CM. It's nice, I must say!

Today we complete testing Lottery. In the beta period to the drawing prepared a small amount of valuable and useful things for your game. But normally there will be regular drawings every hour from 16.00 to 23.00. As they say, come, you're invited!