[Esports] Results of the day, 13th February

14 February 2018

Read about results of ESL Pro League Season 7 and CIS quals for DAC 2018 right below.

G2 vs FaZe Clan — CS:GO

G2 and FaZe played the first match of ESL Pro League Season 7 on Cache.

The first half was under control of FaZe: 13 rounds for them before the side switching. The Frenches tried to comback in the second half and even succeeded early, but FaZe were stronger and finished the map with a 16:11 score.

Stats provided by hltv.org

Team Spirit vs Effect — Dota 2

Team Spirit encountered Effect in the final of quals for DAC 2018. Effect started first map very confidently: they were ahead at the 15th minute mark and finished off opponent lately. The second map was very intense, but Effect managed to finish the game and receive a ticket to the tournament in China.

Stats provided by dotabuff.com