[CS:GO] Matches of the day, 14th February

14 February 2018

The second day of ESL Pro League Season 7 group stage starts today. Read about the two most fascinating matches right below!

Natus Vincere (2.88) vs FaZe Clan (1.31)

FaZe Clan (1.32) vs Natus Vincere (2.86)

The first match between these teams will kick off at 17:00 СЕТ, second one — at 18:05 СЕТ, featuring a bo1 format. Currently, Natus Vincere have 3 points in the group stage, and FaZe — 7.

Lineup | HLTV.org

Natus Vincere played a draw against HellRaisers yesterday. In turn, FaZe Clan played 4 matches: 2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 loss in overtime, which gave them 7 points and the 2nd place in the table. The last encounter between these teams was at ELEAGUE Major 2018, where FaZe celebrated a victory with a 2:0 score. The stream will be available here.

mousesports (2.25) vs Astralis (1.54)

Astralis (1.39) vs mousesports (2.61)

Mousesports and Astralis will start their matches at 19:15 СЕТ and 20:20 СЕТ. At the moment, mouz have 6 points, and Astralis have 11. They are first in the table.

Lineup | HLTV.org

The last battle between these teams also was at ELEAGUE Major 2018, where Astralis destroyed their opponent on Cache with a 16:2 score. It's notable that Astralis has signed Magisk after the Kjaerbye's departure to North. The stream will be available here.