Yellow Submarine participates in StarSeries Season 13 instead of the NiP

10 November 2015

The grid qualifying games StarSeries Season 13 in the European division has changed: instead of the Swedish team Ninjas In Pyjamas play the Yellow Submarine.

Before the start of the games of the group stage Stage 1 SL i-League StarSeries: Europe and CIS, it became known that the team Ninjas In Pyjamas disqualified. The reasons for such a decision before the end of NiP not know, maybe this is due to the density of the Swedish games. Tournament organizers have replaced the team on the Russian club Yellow Submarine.

The "Yellow submarine" according to the authoritative edition Gosugamers occupies 50th place in the ranking of teams in the world and 21th in Europe and the CIS.

The top five of the YeS team headed by a former leader of the Na'Vi Andrei PSM Dunayev. The team of 4 players from the Russian Federation and one from Ukraine. The team is relatively young, these 5 players were grouped into the team just at the end of October 2015. But among them constitute the basis of the known pro-gamers from teams like Natus Vincere, CIS Rejects, HR.

For such a short time of existence of the command Yellow Submarine guys already have and achievements:

Three first place in six months it's great!

Immediately after joining the fight in the qualifying games SL i-League StarSeries: Europe and CIS team won the Yellow Submarine from Team Bad English 2: 0. But then they passed the 2 games in a row:

Yellow Submarine vs. Team Liquid - 0: 2

Yellow Submarine vs. CIS Rejects - 1: 2

Today YeS team ranked second in Group D.

The tournament SL i-League StarSeries: Europe and CIS participated 16 strongest teams in Europe and the CIS. Among the participants of such famous clubs as Virtus.Pro (Russia), Vega Squadron (Russia), CIS Rejects (Russia), Natus Vincere (Ukraine), Team Empire (Russia).

Now there is the competition of Group stage 1 games. already had shot: left the Group stage 1 and was in Step 2.

As a result of the regional qualifying the 5 strongest teams will receive a ticket to the final game of the Star Ladder Star Series Season 13 & i-League Season 4, which will be held in Minsk (Belarus) at the beginning of 2016 in the Minsk Arena.

The prize pool of the 13th season of SL i-League StarSeries of $ 300 000. Of these, first place prize winners will receive $ 120,000.

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Here is the official announcement of the Tournament:

Yuri Donchenko