The Swedish company MTG bought DreamHack

13 November 2015

Swedish media holding company bought the brand DreamHack entirely.

Modern Times Group (MTG) in November bought 100% of the world's largest organizer of professional eSports games Swedish brand DreamHack. This is another acquisition of media giant this year at a cost of 244 million сrons ($ 26 millions). Prior to that, MTG bought a controlling stake (74%) Turtle Entertainment, which owns the league ESL (Electronic Sports League) and Intel Extreme Masters Cup for 78 mln. Euros ($ 86 millions).

Despite the opposition of the other market operators StarLadder, PGL, FACEIT and prevent the monopolization of the market of other professional games CS: GO Swedish media empire MTG has collected a considerable pool of companies eSports.

DreamHack - one of the oldest market operator eSports, founded over 20 years ago in 1994. Official sources indicate DreamHack income for 2014 of 8 million dollars. At the end of 2015 it is expected to double this amount. In 2007, the founders of DreamHack received a special Diploma of honor from the municipal authorities Jönköping for his significant contribution to the business, education and social development of the community.

The situation with the purchase commented DreamHack CEO Jorgen Lindmann:

"We have close cooperation with MTG for more than 2 years. The investments will not only strengthen our position, but also to expand into adjacent markets"

Many experts agree that e-sports (even if you take a separate segment of its game Counter-Strike) will rise to a new level with the recent mergers. The fact that the media company MTG owns several tens of rating TV channels in several European countries, says a lot. Despite the apparent monopolization, the fact that consolidation of market players can significantly change the structure and format of the tournament. In the main market participants MTG and Grand-Prix (which includes the organizers of the games CS: GO CEVO, MLG, StarLadder, PGL, FACEIT and Gfinity) will soon reformat influence. However, DreamHack plans for 2016 remain the same: 7 scheduled tournaments.

That announcement at the first tournament in 2016 DreamHack Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany in January 2016:

The tournament will be held for the first time in Germany, the mesh also includes games for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In addition, negotiations are under way about the eighth festival in Stockholm, which could become the largest in the series. At the moment, details are agreed with the other major player Valve.

As rightly point out, researchers and analysts, the merger of e-sports and television can bring a professional gaming to the next level.

Network MTG owns TV channels Viasat-History, and others in this series, as well as a package of TV channels TV1000. In addition, the empire controlled by the leading TV channels in Northern Europe, the Baltic countries and even in Ghana and Tanzania.

We already wrote about the investments of the Russian media holding Group in a professional team Virtus.Pro Team Virtus.Pro receive 100 million dollars of investment.

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Yuri Donchenko