Why are millions of people playing DOTA 2 or Guide for a beginner.

16 November 2015

This fall comes on the last major tournament of DOTA 2 The Frankfurt Major 2015. Millions of fans of this game devote a few hours each day playing games or watching top professional teams. What is the genuine interest that inspires so many people around the world? In this article, we will try to define the basic nuances of the game. We hope it will be interesting not only for beginners but also battle-hardened doters. View and participate in betting on games of group selection and playoffs Frankfurt Major in 2015 can be on our site .

The gameplay of DOTA 2 is very simple. Game 2 teams of 5 people: the first team is playing for the "bright side" (Radiant), the second - for the "dark" (Dire). You control a hero or units. Your goal - to destroy the enemy's central building of "Throne".

It will be interesting...

DOTA was established as one of the cards Warcraft III "Defense of the Ancients". According to the initial letters of the card, and formed the name of the game DotA.

DotA 2 has more than 100 unique characters. Each character has its role: attack carry, support and ganker, who interfere to farm carry. Heroes can also be divided according to their dominant quality or skills:

- Agility;

- Intelligence;

- Strength.

DotA map consists 3 line (corridors), which plays computer bots creeps. They appear every 30 seconds on your base. In "lights" - a "World Tree", in "darks" - "Frozen Throne". "Lights" is also called Sentinel, darks - Scourge.

In DotA there are neutral creeps. They attack all day and sleep at night. The most powerful of them - Roshan. The reward for his murder will receive Aegis you restore the life of his hero with a full mana and health.

Dota - a battle of characters (MOBA, Multiplayer online battle arena), it is not a strategy. You do not control any army or base. This is a team game in which you play as his character, develop it, pumping skills and experience, and help each friendly character of his base.

That's all you need to know about the game Dota 2 before you start to play it. Although sure many starting to play it and not know it. The game is intuitive, beautiful, with lots of colorful, I would say Hollywood, effects. Play or watch professional matches, in any case, you expect exciting moments (hours !!)) conducted interesting. But for that we appreciate DOTA.

For fans of the game I can recommend a video where you can promote your skills and learn how to farm:

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Yuri Donchenko