3 most top players of Counter-Strike

19 November 2015

At the end of the year to sum up as usually. On the eve of the official off-season team, CybBet decided to draw a line and point out the most promising players in Counter-Strike in professional e-sports. After all, the average age of about 25-26 years old players. By the age of 30 - are veterans or coaches. Therefore, to assess the prospects have to look at 18-year-olds. As recently said to the Ukrainian TV channel CEO Team Natus Vincere Alexander Kohanovski:

"26 - a boundary age, while 17-18 - a start and a hope."

In fact, in Counter-Strike average age of the two top teams fantic and TeamSoloMid - 22 years old. In addition EnVyUs is 21. This review does not claim to be all-embracing and complete. We tried to take the most outstanding personalities from the games which will determine the future of e-sports in this discipline.

#1. Alexander Kostylev "s1mple"

Name: Alexander Kostylev

Nick: s1mple

Country Ukraine

Team: Flipsid3 Tactics

Position: Rifler

Age: 18

The amount of prize: $ 10,882 in 19 tournaments

According to many eSports organizations Alexander Kostylev s1mple - the most talented player Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the region, if not the world. Its game is on the line Rifler - brilliant, and he proved it in battle.

Alexander became noticeable at the professional level in the autumn of 2013. Then on Ukrainian qualifications for ESWC he won "bronze" as part of LAN Dodgers. Soon he was invited to HellRaisers, where he played in duplicate. Today s1mple still signed Flipsid3 Tactics.

The greatest achievement of Alexander was a game for HellRaisers against fnatic at DreamHack Winter 2014. Then they won at the first-magnitude stars with a gap of 2 points 16-14, which was the sensation of the group games of the tournament. However, after 2 months after the ban on the ESL team refused from the player. Currently, Alexander is training with the team Flipsid3 Tactics. After all, in February 2016 ban of the European league of eSports cease its force.

s1mple in action:

# 2. Egor Vasilyev aka flamie

Name: Egor Vasilyev

Nick: flamie

Country Russia

Team: Natus Vincere

Position: Rifler

Age: 18

The amount of prize: $ 55,438 in 36 tournaments

Talented Man eSports Europe learned in 2014 when Egor as a "reserve" had a brilliant game for Flipsid3 Tactics (then they were called dAT) in the tournament ESL One Cologne 2014.

Despite the fact that his team expected ranked last in the group began to write about flamie leading publications. Egor is moved to HellRaisers, then in the Na'Vi, where he now plays on the position of the sniper.

He is only 18, but already knows flamie entire European eSports press. It is already 11 years old Egor spent my first lan-tournament.

# 3. Vadim Vasiliev aka DavCost

Name: Vadim Vasilyev

Nick: DavCost

Country Russia

Team: FlipSid3 Tactics

Position: Rifler

Age: 19

The amount of prize money: $ 2417 at 9 tournaments

In its 19 Vadim it considered the most promising, and more importantly - the most stable - the sniper to RU-zone. Regular guy from Krasnogorsk outside Moscow in the 17 years began to play professionally eSports.

At the beginning of 2015, I received the offer from DavCost FlipSid3 Tactics and went to the qualifying games Major MCS Open Season 1 Finals. Vadim perfectly fit into the team with which he won the 3rd place in those games.

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Yuri Donchenko