Cloud9 signed two new players

20 November 2015

North American giant Cloud9 signed a 2 star in his team League of Legends.

In step with the many delights fans and fans of eSports source in one of the most successful teams in League of Legends, Cloud9 confirmed that the former jungler of Team Impulse Lee Rush Yoon-jae and former support of Gravity Gaming Michael "Bunny FuFuu" Kurilo joined the team. Cloud9 continues to rotate in the team as long as he finds a solid foundation during the off-season games.

The most valuable player of the League Championship Series (LCS) Summer season 2015 Lee Rush, they hope the new team will bring incredible aggression and ability to command ligaments in the jungle. A support player Michael Bunny FuFuu show that he is not in vain is a recognized star in the composition of Gravity Gaming.

On the eve of the owner of the team Cloud9 Jack Etienne posted on Twitter a picture of a meeting of players and functionaries, where the person acquired stars intentionally closed.

Contracts signed by the players canceled their former teams Team Impulse and Gravity Gaming, who failed to qualify for 2015 World Championship. Since Cloud9 returned from the World Cup they are actively looking for a replacement Derek LemonNation, who resigned.

November 19 Cloud9 officially confirmed the list of teams with new stars.

Recent changes in the rosters of teams you can see in this video:

New jungler Rush (South Korea) earned $ 3 666 in two official tournaments.

A support Bunny FuFuu (USA) in 4 official tournaments earned $ 5 400.

Cloud9 has many awards and titles. Roster of League of Legends Tournament 2015 Season North America Regional Finals got 1st place. However, for 2015 Season World Championship team performed poorly, not according to his ability, taking 9-11 s place in the group stage. Hence, strengthening the team for the problem positions.

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Yuri Donchenko