"Rostelecom" has created an analogue Steam

24 November 2015

Rostelecom launched its own gaming portal games.rt.ru.

In the autumn of 2014, Rostelecom held a tender to develop a platform for the sale of games. According to the customer, it must be an analog of Steam and Battle.net. The tender for 14 mln. rubles. won by "Enaza."

As the head of the project, included in the structure of Russia's leading Internet service provider Alexey Sadonov:

"We strive to represent all our users to play, he could go on any device. Our goal - to reach all platforms"

That distribution of finished games - it is the content that will be placed on a new site in the near future. At the same time, the catalog presents most of the game partner Rostelecom - Mail.Ru and Alawar. Although management of the project does not hide the possibility of developing its own games. When you download games, you are not leaving the platform, and the traffic is on the site of Rostelecom.

Now web platform project consists of three large sections:

- "Big" games online;

- "Simple" games, mostly fiscal Flash format;

- "Store".

From games available right now there are such: Fallout 4, Tera The next, Plant online, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and others. Average price: 1999 rubles.

Journalists became available scheme of "Rostelecom game." For placement in the catalog developer or publisher should allocate 50% "after all fees and commissions". This is 17% more than in the well-known brands Steam. Valve earns 33%. Also charged for placement games, regardless of the amount - 3000 rubles. Interestingly, the game without the monetization for placement will not be accepted (unless otherwise specified in the spec. The contract).

In addition to the web platform on the site posted a native client for your operating system (only Windows). However, when you try to install it at home, I ran into my anti-virus alert (be careful!).

Developer Enaza also develops client "cloud gaming platform Playkey". According to the Rostelecom, it is necessary to work on the set-top box.

Rostelecom's financial partner in this project was the online payment system "Yandex.Money".

According to independent analysts, to resist the market leader Steam Rostelecom need to invest at least 2 million. Dollars in a new project.

Rostelecom - the Russian telecommunications company. It provides local communications services, broadband Internet, Internet television and so on. It is Russia's largest Internet provider with a subscriber base of 11 million. Users. It is these people and form the core target audience of the new project. According to 2013 the company's turnover amounted to 325.7 billions rub. The number of employees - 152 thousands men.

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Yuri Donchenko