The team world champions League of Legends SK Telecom T1 lost 3 players

25 November 2015

Team SK Telecom T1, who won the world championship in League of Legends 2015 2015 Season World Championship, has lost three players. Fans do not cost much to get upset - their idol Faker is in the team.

It became known yesterday that the team left immediately SKT1 3 players:

- Gian «MaRin» Jen Hwang (Jang Gyeong-Hwan);

- Lee «Easyhoon» Ji Hoon (Lee Ji-hoon);

- They «T0M» Jae Hyun (Im Jae-hyeon).

However, only «MaRin» played for the first team at the position Top. It is a big loss for the team, which this year alone four times to climb up the main tournaments and cup double for the first time in the history of becoming world champions. «MaRin» for his performance at the WC 2015 was awarded the best player of MVP. The player was the team captain.

The other players «Easyhoon» and «T0M» played a spare. Easyhoon how Meader midline participated in the final match against KOO Tigers. Also in the final victory and played MaRin. Easyhoon motivation is clear: he wants to be No. 2 after Faker. The player grew up and want to try a full-fledged solo performer.

T0M was spare forester jungler team. He did not have time to play for the first team.

The truth is the official website of sports organizations at the time of publication of this material is the main part of SK Telecom T1 with Gian «MaRin» Jen Hwang and Lee «Easyhoon» Ji Hoon.

SK Telecom T1 - Korean professional organization based in South Korea. It includes his unit the strongest team in the world of League of Legends. They are like no one else can be proud of its victories: twice won the world championship in 2013 and 2015. The basis of the team mder Faker and jungler Bengi, as well as coach KkOma - the first professional players League of Legends, which are more than 1 times won the title.

Today, the team roster is as follows:

3 left location SK Telecom T1 Player received the status of "free agents."

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Yuri Donchenko