On the Game Show will not go another 2 teams

27 November 2015

Invictus Gaming (China) and NewBee (China) withdrew from the tournament Game Show Global eSport Cup at the last moment.

In the event Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1, Vilnius (Lithuania) will go just two Chinese teams. LAN tournament between the eight best teams will be held in the beautiful European city in Lithuania from November 30 to December 3. Two teams from the region of CIS Team Empire (Russia) and Vega Squadron (Russia) as winners of qualifying in the region will take part in this tournament. Europe will go from 4 Clover & Lepricon and No Logic Gaming.

In just 3 days before the winners of the qualification of the Chinese Invictus Gaming and NewBee weighed application participation in the games Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1, for various reasons. Earlier weighed games qualifications Vici Gaming (China), LGD Gaming (China) and EHOME (China).

NewBee left the number of applicants for the victory because of "security reasons". That sounds like an official position:

"We decided not to participate because of security problems in Europe and the Middle East. We are very sorry. We want to thank our many fans and media. Your support - this is the real strength of our development."

Even more interesting was the history of absences games Game Show at Invictus Gaming. You've probably heard about the missing Chinese player one of Dota 2 Major tournament "because of problems with the passport." It was the player Invictus Gaming Su super Peng. Now IG refers to an unnamed player who "refused to participate" in the competition Game Show in Vilnius. And now the reader has an official letter from the team:

"Hello, all who may concern Gameshow. I certify that the IG can not take part in the tournament. We apologize for the fact that reported this at the last minute. As an organization, we eSport really would like to participate in these games, especially considering the possible penalties and the penalty for failure. But one player refused the game in this tournament. In spite of our attempts to persuade him, we are all the same, given the timeframe, report that fails to be at the event. All that whatever we do It does not give proper effect.

Organization [Invictus Gaming] very ashamed because of this incident. Naughty player we exclude from the list of teams for the next tournaments. The organization will pay the appropriate penalty."

Chinese eSports organization ACE both teams fielded a fine of 20 thousand Yuan ($ 3000).

Also shortly before the game (27 November) of the TnC (the Philippines) also made the failure. At this time of (probably legitimate) because of "misunderstandings visa for individual players."

Studio LAN-event Global eSports Cup Season 1, Vilnius between 8 teams will take place soon. According to their results 4 best teams will go at DreamHack in Moscow on December 5-6.

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Yuri Donchenko