Cloud9 player moved to the Digital Chaos. Cloud9 team disbanded.

01 December 2015

Within hours shown the player Theeban "1437" Siva was declared for the Digital Chaos, Cloud9 former team officially announced the dissolution of the team's DOTA 2.

Let me remind you that starting from 0:00 November 23 to December 8 9:00 (Moscow time) the transfer window is open for the pro-DOTA 2 players in the offseason. Teams and players need to express their grievances and transitions on a special page, under the rules of the developer and organizer of Valve.

Digital Chaos made an official proposal to change "1437" into the team and immediately to the position of captain.

"Theeban has extensive experience, which includes the successful implementation of both the position of the player and player-coach. We are confident that the quality of its leadership team will help us reach new heights."

And the hero of the festivities 1437 announced his move:

"My performances for Cloud9 were, I believe, the best in life. C9 gave me the opportunity to take the guys from the team, and to become what we have become. I am grateful to the organization Cloud9 and the guys with whom I played. But sometimes some things need to change. I feel that DC - this is the right place to move forward. I'm excited by the very possibility of change DOTA 2, together with a new team, with our experience, talent, and dedication. "

During his professional career in the major leagues DOTA 2 "1437" has replaced a dozen teams. Prior to this move the player, who lives in Canada, had time to visit:

- mousesports (2012)

- Quantic Gaming (2012)

- (2012-2013)

- Team Dignitas (2013)

- North American Rejects (2014)

- Na'Vi North America (2014)

- Dark Horse (2015)

In 2015, he won the BTS Americas # 2 first. As indicated by official sources passport player's name "Sivatheeban Sivanathapillai". He earned $ 23,750 in 20 tournaments. Of these, in 2015 - $ 8139.

Here's a new team roster Digital Chaos:

DC - business professional team DOTA 2 in North America. Founded in August 2015.

After the departure of two key players from the team, Cloud9 disbanded their roster. What happened to C9 players is still unknown.

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Yuri Donchenko