Interview with Nahaz: between DotA, family and university

09 December 2015

At DOTA 2 tournament The Frankfurt Major 2015 journalist of one of the European publications interviewed economics professor from Canada Alan "Nahaz" Bester, who is an avid gamer and lover of DOTA, at the tournament played the role of the statistician. Interviews may be of interest to all who are passionate about the game and not only. After all, we face a very original and interesting person.
Alan Bester - professor of Economics, University of Western Ontario, Canada. It seems that Alan of those professors who can easily inspire students in their educational rapture. His speech erudite but accessible, slightly abounds uncompromising scholarship. His voice - passionate. Moreover, - very passionate!

Alan's theme was devoted to the method of random fields and latent models in finance. He - winner of several awards for excellence in teaching. It is often printed in thick and most prestigious scientific journals. One of the works called "Fixed bi-asymptotic behavior of the spatial dependence, and sustainable non-parametric covariance matrix estimator" (and Alan are not kidding!).
In recent years, academic work Alan has found an unexpected development for many people (including himself, Alan). He found himself in the spotlight DOTA 2 as a statistician and a panelist under the nickname "Nahaz". Why is a professor of economics with such a pretentious title of the article was carried away DOTA 2? Perhaps then, why we love to travel, take pictures, listen to music or to cuddle with a book in a rush.

"It so happens that I like DOTA and I want to continue working with this game as will have the strength and capabilities. And, hell, I still do not know what I want, when I grow up" - explains Alan Nahaz.

Here is the interview:

Some quotes from the transcription of the video interview.

- What for you was the tournament in Frankfurt?
- It was a bit strange for me. Because I came to the game a little later - I taught on Monday afternoon, hopped on a plane and on Tuesday I was already here. And then, I lost my voice, all these broadcast Twitch just kill at all. But I'm here today, I feel good and look great game DOTA 2.

- Are your students familiar with DOTA 2 and your work behind the scenes of the game?

- More and more so familiar. You know, this is my third LAN tournament, I tweet, therefore, they know where I am and what I do. Some people care about this, some - not. But, you know, it's so much fun: the number of students who are enthusiastic eSports, growing and growing. Not surprisingly, some say to me at the meeting: "Oh, you started doing CS: GO". Here's how I would describe what I was doing and what it looks like from my students.
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Yuri Donchenko