In 2015, the League of Legends audience increased by 46 million people

10 December 2015

After an epic five-week tournament in 2015 World Championships of League of Legends publisher and organizer of the Games Riot Games has decided to disclose how many viewers around the world joined the competition.
The response of the fans and fans of League of Legends in the 2015 blew our expectations completely, breaking the record LoL around the globe. From Paris and Berlin to Seoul and California over all stages of the competition and the fans watched the audience more than 360 million hours of intense and dramatic battles on heat. It's almost twice as much as in 2014 with 194 million hours of viewing.

Never before has the World Championships final between SK Telecom T1 and Koo Tigers did not look so much: 36 million unique viewers! For comparison, in 2013 there were 32 million, and last in 2014 - 27 million. Reported new world record for the popularity of the game League of Legends. Feel again the atmosphere of the Grand Final SKT vs KOO:

The total daily cumulative audience of unique hits (the number of unique viewers of online and via TV relay) reached 334 million over the 4-week tournament, which is 46 million more than in 2014. Throughout the 73 matches Average weighted audience was 4.2 million with an average viewing more than 1 hour per fan League of Legends.

Over the course of the final match between SKT against Koo Tigers on the legendary Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, followed by millions of fans. Maximum joint audience PCU 14 million (Peak Concurrent Viewership - the highest point of the number of viewers tuned to the media channel). For comparison, in 2014 at the Games World Championships PCU it was 11 million. In total, the audience of the grand finale reached 36 million. Viewers. This new world record watchable ever recorded in eSports. The last record was set in a match between Samsung White and Royal Club at Sangam Stadium last 2014 from 27 million unique viewers.
This 2015 will go down in the history of eSports, and League of Legends as a year of great passion and attention the fans of the game.
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Yuri Donchenko