The Ukrainian team Na'Vi again playing League of Legends

11 December 2015

For the first time after 2012 known eSports organization "Natus Vincere" has its own team of League of Legends.
Two months manual Natus Vincere spent on finding and creating a new team of League of Legends. As a result, yesterday announced the creation of the management team and put a roster on the official site. Gameplay will coach Sebastian «cptnemo» Halamuda (Germany), and was elected captain Jesper «Jwaow» Shtrandgren (Sweden).
Among victories LOL team "Na'Vi" in 2012 was the first 3 places in small minor tournaments:
  • - 4PL Play4Fame May Monthly Finals
  • - Solomid EU Invitational 1
  • - SK Trophy March
Regarding the new roster LOL has already spoken of the second man in the organization of sports Igor "Saff" Sydorenko (Chief Operating Officer, Ukraine):

"I am very pleased that we have completed the selection process ended. There is still a lot of work of our coaches with newcomers Natus Vincere. I really hope that they live up to expectations and bring us all to new heights LOL scene. For its part, is ready to declare that the format Teams selected the best. "

Team manager of Navi selected Hans Christian «Liq» Durr (Germany), which has extensive experience in organizing cyber projects.

"I love to work with a new team this famous sports organization. We connect not only a love for eSports, but also common values and understanding of the challenges ahead."

Here's a full manager's list Na'Vi.LoL:
  • Hans Christian Durr (Hans Christian Dürr) - Manager
  • Halamuda Sebastian (Sebastian Halamuda) - Head Coach
  • Klochko Yaroslav (Yaroslav Klochko) from Belarus, known by the nickname "N1ghtEnd" - Analyst
The head coach was selected Sebastian Halamuda ("cptnemo"), known for his work with the team "against All authority" (France). Only in the last year of his ex-team took the first three places in a major tournament:
  • - FEST France
  • - OffTheLAN
  • - Evry Games City in 2015.
Also in the pool of the undoubted achievements of the new coach Na'Vi.LoL includes a number of other victories in top tournaments and stable place in the LCS Europe.
Colors Natus Vincere of League of Legends will defend these guys:
  • Jesper «Jwaow» Shtrandgren (Sweden) - Top-liner, the captain
  • Amin Mezher, known as «Amin» (Sweden) - Jungle
  • Hisham Tazrini, acting under the name «SozPurefect» (Belgium) - Mid, center
  • Sebastien «exork» Lamotte (France) - ADC, Attack Damage Carry
  • Patrick Dasberg with the nickname «MounTain» (Germany) - Support
  • Christian «Czaru» Przybylski (Poland) - Sub/Mid

The newly captain Jesper Strandgren for the last year already 3 times to change the team. The biggest achievement in 2014 showed for Gamers2 (Spain). However, «Jwaow» hopes for success and fruitful cooperation in the new team:

"I am extremely pleased to be a member of such a respected eSports organization. I've always respected it. Start a new composition and create a team from scratch - it is an excellent opportunity for testing. Really looking forward to getting started."

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Yuri Donchenko