Former captain Fnatic Bora Kim Yellowstar signed TSM. Now officially.

14 December 2015

Notable player League of Legends, which took place in the official №8 community rating in 2014, joined the North American team TSM (Team SoloMid) in the usual Support position. December 11 reported by the player himself in his account of one of the social networks.
We already wrote about this player and his former team: "Yellowstar. Strategist and leader." and "Fnatic. How's on the starry Olympus?"

Actually Care and signing players took a little earlier. More December 2 Yellowstar wrote a farewell post, in which he thanked the players the team Fnatic. Indeed, with this team the Frenchman with Korean roots many memorable wins:
  • - 5 times, he became the champion of the European leagues EU LCS
  • - 3 World Champion
  • - 1 times its contribution to the development of e-sports was evaluated as "most valuable player" EU CLS MVP

In the 23 years I had a player a lot. And much, he did exactly the team Fnatic. Bohr writes:
"Finally, I really would like to thank all those whom I have met and with whom I had a chance to work. All members of Team Fnatic and those involved in the organization of work in a team. To all my fans who have supported me during all these years!
I hope you accept my understanding the decision and continue to support me to continue in my career!
Long life to Fnatic! "
December 5, he published a post with the parting words: "Thank you for the memories."

Former team did not remain indifferent to such a lovely parting words of the famous player. The official website of the team Fnatic there was a great article with words of gratitude to the player, and listing all the victories, which (as becomes clear), it sends it to the merits of Yellowstar. The article was called "Merci Yellowstar".

December 11 Bora Kim writes in his facebook:
"I am happy to announce officially that I signed Team SoloMid team for the upcoming season 6, I know that your expectations - high. I will do my best to make next year the best year of his career."
He went on to publish a video, which expressed sadness and memories of the departed happy years. And it hopes to new heights.

Unfortunately, I could not find a single word on the official pages of the new team TSM about it. Hopefully, management Team SoloMid still appreciate the sacrifices that went Yellowstar. Among other things, he went to the Europeans competitive North American league. Personally, I think that this transfer - the most touching story of transition player of the Premier League in the past year.
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Yuri Donchenko