The Chinese company Tencent bought Riot Games completely

17 December 2015

The Chinese company Tencent bought the last 7% stakes in Riot Games. Today, owners of the company are 100% Chinese. It was reported on the official website of the known developer of eSports game.
Riot Games - an American company with 10 years of history and developer of "League of Legends" - fully taken over by the Chinese company Tencent.
At the beginning of this story absorption Tencent in 2008 it acquired 22.3% of the shares. Later, in 2011 it bought additional equity interest to a value of 92.8% for 230 million dollars. Now Riot Games is wholly owned by the Chinese company.
Also Riot Games, the Chinese hold a minority stake in Epic Games, who are developing the game Unreal Tournament, Bulletstorm, Gears of War and Infinity Blade. Also, about 12% of the shares owned by Activision Blizzard Tencent. Let me remind you belong to Activision Blizzard games: Call of Duty, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, Diablo, and Warcraft.
Also in May 2015 Tencent bought 20% Pocket Gems for 60 million dollars. Pocket Gems develops causal games War Dragons, Animal Voyage, Campus Life and others.
Besides the already mentioned games, Tencent owns the rights to Dungeon & Fighter, War of Zombie and CrossFire.

Tencent - China's largest telecommunications company, founded in 1998. Its messenger QQ and its variants - leading to a relatively closed Chinese Internet market. Tencent QQ took third place in the ranking of the most massive virtual communities with the number of users more than 100 million. Users. The base of its active users exceeds 840 million. People. Let me remind you, not even close VKontakte got into this rating.
Also Tencent - one of the largest companies in the market of e-commerce. Her project successfully compete with Amazon and Ebay, especially after the rapid fall in the value of Alibaba.
The former management Riot Games announced that will preserve the "independence" and all social obligations and employee benefits. But the company is recognized as the best employer in the US in 2015 among game developers.
I hope that the hype software Tencent, which has long been concerned about the millions of users around the world, will be the last unpleasant moment in the history of this business giant with Chinese roots.
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Yuri Donchenko