Team Fnatic League of Legends joined by two newcomers.

18 December 2015

The "team of Black and Orange" (Fnatic) has signed two players. So they took up the composition of the League of Legends in 5 people official roster. This is stated in the material on the official website of the team.
Another 3 days ago Lee «Spirit» Dayun gleefully reported signing his famous team Fnatic, but today in a massive article on the official website, in addition to Spirit, said of the signing of two more newcomers team. They were Lewis "NoHiAK" Simon Felix and Noh «Gamsu» Yeong-jin.
"The time of reflection is over!" - Began his article editors official site Fnatic. And continued:
"Finish the last few months, during which we have worked tirelessly over the selection of the team that we feel can and repeat our European achievements of the last year, and challenge the highest glory in the worlds again and again again. We believe that under the leadership of Deilor, these players have the potential is so great, how strong their desire to win. With the stewardship of our tireless coach and support our new analysts, we have the staff, we will continue our infrastructure team is even better than ever, and 2016. "
Let me remind you that the team Fnatic in 2015 became European champions.
Official video review of the new team:

Noh «Gamsu» Yeong-jin will play in the position of the top of the liner. A player for the past year played for Team Dignitas. South Korean players - young (20 years) and is full of optimism. As a player Gamsu can be characterized by something between a "high risk - high reward" and mathematically balanced style of play. Although historically it is prone to an aggressive game and trying to blow up a risky situation. And that is exactly what you need on the front line.

Credible and immutable fact of life gamer: after moving to Los Angeles, it was hard to find a good Korean restaurant, so it is with the help of my mother he learned to cook. And even in the former team created a video as he prepares dinner for all the players and coaches on the basis of the best Korean recipes.
Lewis NoHiAK Simon Felix is in a support. He is 21 and he is German. He joined the League of Legends after a trial in different games Counter Strike: Source, Urban Terror and Warcraft 3. He changed the 6 teams in the past year. Before that, he was known in the community for more Fnatic Academy team in early 2015. After the Academy, he showed a great drive of the game, to the growth of hunger and a staggering ability to adapt to new conditions.

Current main roster Fnatic:
- Gamsu (Korea) - Position: Top;
- Spirit (Korea) - Position: Jungler;
- Febiven (Niderladny) - Position: Mid;
- Rekkles (Sweden) - Position: AD Kerry;
- NoXiAK (Germany) - Position: Support.
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Yuri Donchenko