Who will be the killer of Twitch

21 December 2015

Modern eSports industry is impossible without stream broadcasts. Since Justin.tv focused only on video games and became Twitch (Twitch), it is impossible to imagine a professional player, the team and the game of eSports as a whole without proper channels "live broadcasts" or streaming.
In 2011, Justin.tv has rebranded and became Twitch, which can be translated based on the primary meaning of the word "jerk" which is used to assess the reaction of the player. Who is this resource every month comes to 35 million unique users. In the US, it is the fourth of the amount of traffic share after Netflix (TV and video content), Google and Apple.

Since its inception, many giants tried to acquire this particular Twitch start-up. While in the middle of the 2014 Amazon has not acquired all the rights of 970 million dollars. Streaming gaming industry is not standing still, and today several large sites are fighting for gamers, taking a share mainly in Twitch.
Creators Azubu positioned its product as "eSports streaming" broadcast by cutting from other video games. Although Twitch and so I perceived mainly by streaming it esports games. Owners Azubu received reasonable, making it clear that only they "present eSports." At the end of 2015 it was announced about investing in service almost 60 million dollars. Azubu concludes exclusive rights and sponsorship team "Team Empire" (all players must be to stream only through Azubu). As written in Forbes:
"The good news is that Azubu growing. The number of unique visitors has reached 9 million per month. This annual growth of 1,000%.
The bad news is that Azubu still lags behind Twitch ".

Another player streaming market - Hitbox - attracted even more famous teams under its umbrella brand - OG (ex-monkey (Business)). Also marketers of Hitbox went strategy "class niches" and dragged to his one of esports games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, putting its brand in the tournament Dreamhack. It seems that Hitbox bet on image quality and usability of interactive service. The first match 4K passed it on Hitbox. Given the major bug in the Twitch, namely periodic froze broadcasts, rate the quality of streaming is to recoup itself. Also, an increase in service statistics and interactive features on Hitbox will attract both young audiences and those who are older. In marketing, this is called "scissors".

Now it is difficult to predict who will win Twitch, because the market is just in the process of "becoming". He does not, and 5 years. With the release of e-sports' main TV "segments of stream-sites and e-sports in general will begin the stage of" growth. " Here, then outlined the main pool of competitors and becomes clear: whether the word "Twitch" byword for eSports competitions or pro-gamers will be playing in another semantic cloud. Services Youtube Gaming, Ustream, Dailymotion and others have come in accordance with their strategic plans. TV giants MTG and TBS have also begun a rapprochement with eSports industry.
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Yuri Donchenko