Why eSports gamers from South Korea migrate to other countries. Salary.

22 December 2015

68% of professional players in the South Korean league KeSPA ready to go to other countries. At the same time the main factors affecting the transfer are financial reasons.
Recently, the Research Institute for creative industry of South Korea conducted a survey among the pro-gamer. During the interview, it became clear that most of the players are unhappy with his salary and are willing to change jobs (and residence). The basis of the respondents began 50 professional players who play StarSraft 2 and League of Legends (basic esports games in South Korea). Only 19.5% of respondents are satisfied with their salaries and compensation. This average value of the amount of remuneration of athletes was 21 000 dollars.
Almost 70% of the players would leave the country if possible. The main drivers of such a decision, they pointed out: 1) the financial and material motives; 2) career development. Of this segment, most of the respondents - young people 20 - 25 years. Older colleagues despite the dissatisfaction of salary, yet believe that the stability (current team) is more important. But despite this, the older players are also ready to leave, but in this case the main driver of the solution is more stable career in other countries.
The transfer window is over and many famous players have changed their team. Preferred countries for Korean gamers: China, Europe, the United States.
The biggest salaries are players DOTA 2 (by the greatest popularity among fans and amateur players). Besides wages players get bonuses for tournaments won.
Here are the top 10 richest players in the world in DOTA 2:

In League of Legends income Top 10 players are more modest:

Like the League of Legends, in StarSraft 2 Top 10 richest players in the world amounted to athletes from South Korea:

But looks like the rating income Top 20 pro players all the games together:

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Yuri Donchenko