Service Matcherino has developed a new platform for pro-gamers and eSports fans

23 December 2015

ESports, despite the fact that is still in its infancy, already has a huge number of followers. Startup from Seattle, the United States Matcherino wants to help eSports fans to sponsor games between professional players. The business model is built on the scheme crowdfunding. Other schemes are also being developed cooperation between streamers, professional gamers and eSports fans.
The development team Matcherino:

A couple of days ago, the team announced Matcherino 1.25 million dollars of investment from the company Madrona Venture Group with participation of Vulcan Capital and other private investors.
Graduates Techstars Seattle have developed a platform on the market of e-sports, which would help to involve the athletes and fans in closer cooperation. The basis for the project was the popular platform streaming ESports fans will be able to directly via crowdfunding, which is widely used in other industries, to invest in the matches between top players and, well, to communicate between all project participants.
This is how describe of a major feature Matcherino project its CEO Grant Farwell:
"When many, many thousands of fans want to see some professional players and the matches between them, as well as to participate in these schemes, money games, they needed a platform that would become a platform for this kind of interaction.
That's what we do. "
However, part of the revenue from betting transactions is not the main idea of the new project. The Global Plan includes the creation of services, with the help of which begins streamers, professional players and eSports fans were able to work interactively.
The team Matcherino today includes 8 experts and is one of the first startups Techstars Seattle in 2015 to attract external funding.
Today, the platform allows you to organize the interaction with financial transactions in e-sports in the major esports games: Conter-Strike, Call of Duty, DOTA, Hearthstone, League of Legends, etc.
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Yuri Donchenko