Cloud9 goodbye to Fan and signed in his place Arthelon

24 December 2015

World Champion Heroes of the Storm 2015 Cloud9 made rotation in the team: the place of striker Carry Fan "Fan" Yang signed midfielder Taylor "Arthelon" Eder. It became known from official sources of the team.

A week ago, a former player Cloud9 Kenneth "Kenma" Buechter tweeted that his current team-mate "Bob Ross Fan Club" Taylor "Arthelon" Eder join Cloud9. Even during the BlizzCon in November 2015 Arthelon negotiated with the future of the team. Kenma told that managers "Bob Ross Fan Club" are already looking for a replacement before the end of December the fifth find a new permanent player in the roster of the team.
The organization explained Cloud9 care of carry Fan "Fan" Young:
"We talked for a long time with the player. During these conversations we came to a consensus that the approach to the game at the Fan is different from the rest of the playing style of the team.
In the end, the mutual decision was a breach of contract with the player. We decided that each of the parties has chosen its own special way. We are grateful for his Fan desire for open dialogue and be the best, no matter what choice he makes. "

Fan "Fan" Young played for the team colors Cloud9 almost a year (in its various divisions). The main part of it to July 2015 together with the team, he achieved a great deal. That's just part of the achievements of the team as part of the Carry Fan:
- World: 2015 Heroes of the Storm World Championship
- 1st place: 2015 HWC - America Championship
- 1st place: Heroes Major League - Americas Season 3
Today, Fan takes place 606 in the ranking of competitive players. His total winnings reached $ 55.277.
A new team member Cloud9 Taylor "Arthelon" Eder played for the "Bob Ross Fan Club" during the last month. Before that, he was signed by a US team of "Tempo Storm". The player achievements pool appear following the victory:
- 1st place: 2015 HWC - August North America Open
- 1st place: 2015 HWC - July North America Open
- 1st place: 2015 HWC - June North America Open
- 1st place: Enter The Storm - North America Cup # 1

Taylor is 20 years. He is from the United States and earned in 39 official tournaments $ 24.325.
Currently, the roster of the team Cloud9 appear on the basic structure of the following players:
- Derek Arabian with the nickname DunkTrain (captain), Support (USA)
- John Paul Lopez or KingCaffeine, Tank (USA)
- Kun "iDream" Fang, Flex (China)
- "K1pro" (Keiwan Itakura), Carry (USA)
- "Arthelon" Taylor Eder, Carry (USA)
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Yuri Donchenko