OG DOTA players about their experience of the game. Interview.

25 December 2015

Tal «Fly» Isaac and Johan «BigDaddy» (or "N0tail") Sandshteyn gave a number of important message about the team, colleagues and the game DOTA 2 in general.
About player "Fly".
Name: Tal Aizik
Nick: Fly
Team: OG
Age: 22
Country: Israel
Role in the team: Support
Fly played in many top teams in the world. Behind an experienced player for more than 2 years in the team Fnatic in 2012-2014. Team Team Secret (2014). As he OG August 2015, which was then called before the rebranding (monkey) Business. Together with the current team OG (only a few months working together) in his two major championship background: Frankfurt Major 2015 and ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 4. He also vice-champion The Defense Season 5.

About player "BigDaddyN0tail".
Name: Johan Sandshteyn (Johan Sundstein)
Nicky: BigDaddy, N0tail, BDN
Team: OG
Age: 22
Country: Denmark
Role in the team: Mid, Support
As Fly, N0tail played 2 years in Fnatic.EU (2012-2014), then in the Team Secret (2014). In 2015, he played for the color Cloud9, and in August plays OG ((monkey) Business).

- What are your plans for 2016?
N0tail: I want to play professionally at least (laughs).
Fly: As a team we're just gaining momentum, and we want as much as possible. We do not plan to get rid of anyone of the players roster. We want to be together and do OG team of top level. I think next year will be amazing for all of us.

- When did you guys first started playing together in Monkey Business, you already had plans to become one of the best-DOTA2 team?
N0tail: For a lot of things that happened when we played together, I'm proud of. Firstly, I need Tal (Fly), to play with him. And I want him to know that I want to play with him. Further, I believe "Miracle-" (teammate) one of the players with whom I really tried to play (against). Those. I want to say that when you look at the game in youtube, you can tell a lot about the person who is playing. At least, I think so. After watching the game, I really want to see how it is interesting and how he wants to win, because it is really what is already included in it. Ultimately, it turned out that we (me, Tal, Moon, cr1t and Miracle), .. I'm really happy that we are a team. Those. I knew that we could be among the best.

- For fans of OG novice can tell how you met?
Fly: That was 6 years ago. I played in the pub with my former teammates called Nova and we are faced with this guy (N0tail). We played against each other and I was thinking something like, "Okay, this guy is really good." I spoke to "him" after the pub, said, "if he wanted to play together and all that." That's how it was.

- Question about Tal that the most serious and most irritable in the position of captain of the team?
Fly: I think the hardest part of it has a lot of work at a time. Because you're the type of manager, chief strategist, and the central authority. You can not show a drop of slack. You have to show the emotionally confidence and reliability.
N0tail: He needs to be my wall (laughs).

- Miracle What made such an outstanding player?
Fly: This kid born in Dote and it blinded DotA (laughs). All the guys are playing DotA. But Miracle wakes up, drink a Red Bull or eat pizza and all .. then he only plays 14 hours. He does not need anything more. I mean, when you want to play well in the game, you play more. But he played it more than anyone else.
N0tail: He Dot machine. A lot of people might be at his level of the game. But can not. Because they have that thirst and hunger for the game, hunger to win.
Fly: Moon once said that the other day when Miracle slept. He hears like "a flaming spear at the guy" in a dream. He wanted it fix it on camera, but he was late. (laughs)

- What is your most used but least preferred "heroes"?
Fly: Bain I do not like most of all. I can not be the type of Bain: he plays and looks very strange.
N0tail: For the most part, all the characters in which I play, funny. But the least preferred - Viper. It is a boring character. It's like ... when people play the Viper, you begin to attack them. But in general, Viper - it's boring shit, ass hero. (laughs)
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Yuri Donchenko