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Determine the last participants SL i-League StarSeries in Minsk

28 December, 2015 / id: 759


Yesterday, the organizers of the tournament SL i-League StarSeries decided on the last DOTA-party competition. He was the team "Natus Vincere". We shared the news in a statement on the official website of the tournament in Minsk.
13th Season StarLadder StarSeries completing preparations for the launch. 13-17 January 2016 held next LAN tournament main event featuring the top 12 teams in the DOTA games. Also DOTA, the tournament will be held parallel competitions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Finals SL i-League StarSeries viewers will be able to witness one of the best stadiums in Eastern Europe covered in Minsk. This is the "Minsk-Arena". It can hold 18,000 spectators. Buy one ticket for all games in Minsk, you can right now. Price - $ 6. According to the organizers: "it will be the highest quality e-sports event in the beginning of 2016". For the first time in the territory of the CIS countries will take place show with participation of the Western English-speaking, Russian-speaking and Chinese counterparts. Leading commentators and analysts with a huge, specially equipped for this Grand Final, the screens provide viewers the full beauty of eSports. Several hundred people involved in the show. The broadcast will be conducted in 15 languages.

2 International eSports league - StarLadder from the CIS, as well as i-League China - jointly conduct these competitions. The total prize pool for 2 e-sports games will be 500 thousand dollars USD. Of these, 300 000 - the organizers have allocated for DOTA games.
At the tournament will go to the top 12 teams from all over the world: Europe and the CIS, China, South-East Asia and North and South America. The last team that had a direct invite to the final of the tournament was the team of "Natus Vincere". Besides it, Europe and the CIS will be of even such a super team: Team Secret, Vega Squadron, Alliance, Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro and Team Spirit. And this is the weight of the representation 7 out of 12 teams.

Na`Vi introduced in the game CS: GO. Here is the list of all teams of the competition SL i-League StarSeries 13th Season in Minsk on Counter-Strike.

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The game (Brain Storm vs Rostselmash, 17.09.2017) was canceled because of the fact that players made bets against their team