Top awards in 2015. Statistical records of e-sports.

29 December 2015

The famous site of Statistics DOTA2 game was quite remarkable statistics about the teams, players and heroes favorite game DOTA2 in 2015. Here is the winners of the 2015 results of the official games.

Team nomination (for the teams that have played more than 100 official games)
# Team, which played the greatest number of games: Team Empire (Russia)
The three teams that have played the greatest number of official games DOTA, included:
1. Team Empire (Russia): 307
2. Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden): 297
3. Vega Squadron (Russia-Ukraine): 296

# Team playing the shortest matches: MVP Phoenix (South Korea)

The average rate was: 38.26 min. 1 match. At MVP Phoenix he - 35.31 - the lowest figure among the teams playing in official matches, and more than 100 games.
# Team playing the longest matches: Cloud9 (USA)
"Cloud" played an average 42.20 minutes at the rate among the 90 that official matches.
# Longest match: Cloud9 vs. SFZ (ScaryFaceZ) Ukraine more than 200 minutes

# The best teams in the series of wins.
1. In a series of 25 games: Team Secret (European team) and OG (European team).
23 wins and 2 losses
2. In a series of 50 games: OG (European team) and Vici Gaming (China).
42 wins and 8 losses
3. In a series of 100 games: Team Secret (European team).
80 wins and 20 defeats

NOMINATION OF PLAYERS (players who have played more than 100 official games)
# The best killer: Pajkatt (Sweden)

On average Pajkatt has 9 kills per game.
It is worth paying attention to players ScaryFaceZ State21 (Ukraine), which is 200 minutes, the longest match of the above, "killed" 38 times in one game.
# Best Feeder: SsaSpartan (Greece)

On average, it killed 7.5 times for 1 official game.
Player bOne7 (Romania) killed the maximum number of times in one game: 26 times.
# Best Farmer: qojqva (Germany) and Arteezy (Canada)

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Yuri Donchenko