Riot Games makes the Continental League League of Legends CIS (LCL).

05 January 2016

On the eve of New Year Riot Games announced the creation of the Continental League League of Legends CIS (LCL). It will be one of the top e-sports leagues in the CIS, together with the European LCS, TCL Turkish or Brazilian CBLOL. It will feature the best eight teams RU-zone. It became known from official sources, the developer and publisher of the game League of Legends Riot Games in Russia / CIS.
On the eve of the new 2016 Game Developer League of Legends has pleased fans of super-important, and perhaps a turning point in history, reported on the establishment of the CIS own major league of eSports - Continental League (LCL). 8 the strongest teams of the CIS will compete on their own league to represent the region at the World Championships. Regional Championship will consist of 2 parts - Split. Season 2016 will include a Spring split (January to April) and Summer split (May to August). The budget of the prize pool of each of the splits will be 4.5 million rubles. The money will be used as prizes in games for the teams and professional players, as well as on the development of e-sports in the form of the payment of rent and training. Complete each split will be LAN-finals in the presence of thousands of fans.
Here's how to express the news one of the leaders of Riot Games CEO for Russia and CIS Alexei Kraynov:
"Many professional players League of Legends asked to create in the CIS own LCS. Now we as the official representative of the game League of Legends had such an opportunity. We are damn glad to inform fans and pro players on the establishment of a regular regional championship of the CIS under the brand Riot Games. We hope the new championship will be a model for all countries in the region. "
Here are the 8 strongest teams will take part in the Spring Split 2016:
- Na'Vi
- Team Empire
- Vega Squadron
- Hard Random
- Vaevictis eSports
- Team differential
- Team Just.MSI
The link between the Continental League and the strongest teams Russian server game League of Legends will be the League contenders. It will be the heir and the copyright StarSeries. StarSeries in 2016 will not be carried out.
The first match of the new Continental League will be held on January 16. Spring open the season split match between stars and veterans eSports ex-Dolphins, who have already joined the Natus Vincere and Hard Random.
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Yuri Donchenko