StarLadder i-League StarSeries XIV in Minsk is tournament of the month

13 January 2016

Despite the fact that today in Minsk 10C and a blizzard, in a super-modern sports and entertainment complex Minsk-Arena hot. Today, the beginning of the main event Counter-Strike: Global Offensive of the month StarLadder i-League StarSeries XIV Finals in Minsk. Capital eSports temporarily seized the Belorussians, on which already roam the arrow of the best teams of snipers and attack aircraft in the world. Powerful eSports cyclone is expected!

Has started October 14, 2015 qualifying regions in Europe, North and South America and China have identified the best 8 teams.
In the first 4 European qualification place after two rounds of group qualifying round took:
- Fnatic (Sweden)
- G2 Esports (Spain)
- Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
- Titan (France)
Danes from the team ? got a ticket for the final in the range of LAN Last Chance Bracket.
The American division successfully qualified Luminosity from Brazil. Victory in the branch Loser Method from the US, was subsequently replaced by a team of Team EnVyUs (France). Top teams Region Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid for various reasons, left the tournament.
In China, the confident gait walked guys CyberZen, only once, losing in the final winners bracket.
The full list of participants in the tournament is as follows:

Firstly teams will go Group stage of selection before the games Playoff.

The hope of many thousands of fans of the team Natus Vincere has already played with the champion of China CyberZen with the legendary Savage headed. And won on 2 maps.
According to analysts eSports team Born to Win has all chances to qualify to the playoffs. For the second ticket will fight athletes from Brazil and Europe Luminosity G2 Esports.
A second group - and complex and more dynamic. At the same time the group 3 teams Fnatic (Sweden), Titan (France)? Question Mark (Denmark, the ex-TeamSoloMid) have chances to qualify from the group. The second day of competition January 14 to dot the "i".
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Yuri Donchenko