Goodbye, Titan! The team disbanded.

14 January 2016

Last night one of the leading eSports team Titan ceased to exist. Titan is no more!
January 13th, 2016 on the official website of the sports organization on behalf of Titan CEO and founder Damien Grust announced the dissolution of all affiliated teams of this eSports top-team.
According to Damien Grust, who was behind the team eSports - a "crazy industry in the long run." He created it with September 2013, based on the Malaysian team DOTA2 and French CSGO. Also mentioned founder and their offspring SMITE-team, which became the vice-champion in 2015 SMITE World Championship.
"So much talent and so many great people thanks to a happy occasion, I attracted and maintained."
According to him, the organization Titanium with headquarters in Singapore, was successfully drafted budget for 2015. But "one of the players of CS: GO was banned for cheating." The article does not specify the name, but we are talking about Hovik «KQLY» Tovmassian. KQLY in November 2014 received the VAC-ban (Valve Anti-Cheat) for the use of pirated software, which allows you to see through walls in the game. Although the player immediately expelled from the team, yes, and the player agreed that the decision to a "fair" Team Titan and could not keep the sponsors.

Steam community immediately reacted to the news in buying stickers and other corporate items and skins Titan with a sharp jump in prices (video in Russian).

The structure of the sports organization included several successful eSports commands with a huge list of achievements of world level. Only Counter-Strike-team in 2015 won 7 awards from 1-2 places of leading Premier Leagues.
Goodbye, Titan! We will miss you.

Team Titan is now in Minsk tournament StarLadder i-League StarSeries XIV. And she now play in Group B. What will happen to her in connection with the release of official information the night is not yet known.
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Yuri Donchenko