American sports cable channel ESPN opens eSports office

15 January 2016

Global cable and satellite television channel "Entertainment and Sports Programming Network" (ESPN), which is based in the United States, opened the Department of e-sports. This channel has a long history of traditional sports coverage in the United States. It broadcasts sporting events, conducts its own news programs, talk shows with the participation of world stars of the sport and produces original documentaries on the theme of sport. We can say that the new 2016 began with the capture of a new quality of light strips eSports. Start of the project started with an aggressive policy of penetration of the Internet and applications to smartphones and tablets.

ESPN headquarters in Bristol, United States

The basis of the editorial staff of the new department ESPN made the former employees streaming Azubu platform and a top specialized online publication theScore eSports.
"The dramatic stories in modern e-sports - is so exciting that we have decided that there is absolutely no reason not to do it on a regular daily basis. Just as we do it in the National Football League and other sports"
Chad Millman, chief editor of the magazine and ESPN The Magazine.
In a pool of editors walked Darin Kwilinski, former managing editor Azubu. Also, the team added other legionnaires: Rod Breslau - a former senior editor of TheScore e-sports news and Taylor Erzberger, too, with TheScore. Straight off the bat: this week they gave the first material on the opening season League of Legends in Los Angeles.
It plans to cover major eSports games: DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm and the Hearthstone. Guys with experience, so at the start, and they will not miss a favorite playground of pro-gamers Twitch.
Chief editor Chad Millman expects to attract an audience good-quality stories to a wider audience. However, the exact scheme of market penetration, of course, remained unsolved for journalists.
80% stake in ESPN Inc. owned by The Walt Disney Company. Company created in 1979 2 enthusiast. Now marketers ESPN Inc. positioning it as a "world leader in the sport." The structure of the holding, other than the web portal and magazine, has 12 subsidiaries of cable TV channels. Television is developing in the direction of the cable, satellite, streaming and IPTV TV formats. Today is broadcast in English and Spanish. In 2012, ESPN gave income parent company Walt Disney more than any other project.
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Yuri Donchenko