All the secrets of the team Astralis. The salary of each player 10 thousand dollars

21 January 2016

In an interview published on the official website of the new team CSGO "Astralis", players "devve" and "Xyp9x" shared confidential information about the reasons for creating a new team and their views on its development. All the secrets of the team Astralis this material on our site.

- With what feelings you are going to DreamHack Leipzig as the players a completely new team, a new brand of corporate T-shirts?

- Xyp9x. I really agitated. We have been talking about creating his own team for a long time, and now this has happened. I can not wait for the moment when I will fight for the colors of our new team.
- Devve. Obviously, yes! I am encouraged. We were looking forward to the announcement since agreed to set up a new team. Players dream come true. I'm really excited and motivated by the fact, to show the power of our team under the new brand.

- You create your own team and have a stake in the company. Can you tell us why chose this model?

- Devve. Okay. Within the team, we agreed at the time when our paths diverged with Team SoloMid. We wanted something new. Participation in the ownership of the new brand makes us more motivated, gives us a head start to play better as a player. We had many other proposals, but we have chosen our path. And like not to miss their chance.
- Xyp9x. As I said, we are very long road to go. When we was settled all the nuances with stakeholders, we received a short contract (until the end of 2016). Players in general, were not confident in their future. But creating a "thing" we can help grow the business, playing in the team. Additionally, I can say that there are other things that have become an argument when creating a new command such as budget transparency, legal contracts and the impact on sponsors.

- Apparently, people are curious to know about your wages, you can cover it?

- Xyp9x. We have no problems with the disclosure of our salaries. All players will receive $ 9,000 per month. This is an average over the next 12 months. We will have a little less at the beginning of the year and a little bit more towards the end.

- Now, in the community of gamers topic number one - how big was the offer of the contract, which you have received?

- Xyp9x. In terms of salaries: 10 thousand. Dollars per month each. But this is without bonuses.
- Devve. We got a lot of completely insane proposals inter-season. And as I recall, the biggest offer was about 10 thousand. Dollars, plus bonuses and the opportunity to participate in the distribution of income of the organization for several years. Also we can add 100% of the prize money and revenues from corporate Souvenirs.

"We can also influence decisions about potential partners and new contracts, which was not previously in e-sports."

- So, we come to the other side: What are the differences between Astralis and your former teams?

- Xyp9x. We are in very close contact with the owners of our sports organizations, which make our daily life players much easier. We can also influence decisions about potential partners and new contracts, which were not in the e-sports before.
- Devve. Basically, we have 6 employees in management and support their work and provide "an internal thing." This is something that was not there before, not even close. Their support means that we are able to concentrate on our work: creating results.

- There is something else that you would like to tell the fans the day before departure at DreamHack Leipzig?

- Devve. I hope that our fans will support us in all the stages of the world and help make 2016 - the best, that was all before. Our trip will be intense and enjoyable with the support of the entire community of gamers and fans. I love you all!
- Xyp9x. I thank all the fans, you - the very reason why this could happen. And I know many people who were hoping that we will join an existing organization. But due to our decision, you will not be able to support the team Call of Duty (laughs) CYA! I'll see you in Leipzig!

Name: Andreas Højsleth
Nick: Xyp9x
Country: Denmark
2014-2015: Team Dignitas
2015: Team SoloMid
2015-2016:? (Team Questionmark)
2016: Astralis
Age: 20 years
Income: 129,658 dollars in 72 official tournaments

Name: Nicolai Reedtz
Nick: devve
Country: Denmark
2014-2015: Team Dignitas
2015: Team SoloMid
2015-2016:? (Team Questionmark)
2016: Astralis
Age: 20 years
Income: 122,747 dollars in 56 official tournaments

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