Revenues in 2016 in e-sports will jump to 463 million dollars

26 January 2016

The well-known research company Newzoo presented a report on the state of the world market of eSports. This report reveals how eSports industry through indicators of the structure of eSports and gives a realistic assessment of its potential in terms of display, the spectators, tournament players and revenues, including streaming-sites. The report is created in cooperation with the European organization eSports ESL, teams Fnatic, Navi-Gaming, analyst firm Repucom, services Twitch, YouTube and many others.
"ESports still rank outsiders and unknown industry. With our partners we have done enormous work to create valid data on e-sports as the market and industry, making it more transparent and understandable to outside observers."
Ralf Reichert, Managing Director of ESL
As the researchers note, the global e-sports market in 2016 - as a professional sport and form of entertainment - will develop rapidly. The last 2015 was 325 million dollars in revenue worldwide. This first 2016 will grow to 463 million dollars with an annual growth of 43%. Followers eSports audience reached 131 million in the segment of regular fans and fans, plus 125 million viewers who watch from time to time are large tournaments. Expected revenue growth in e-sports by 2019 about 1.1 billion dollars. At the same time, the share of China and South Korea generate 106 million dollars or 23%. But the share of the regular audience of fans in Asia, 44% in numbers from all over the world. It is expected to grow mainly due to South-East Asia.

Comparison table of revenue growth in eSports.

In North America in 2016 is expected to 175 million revenue in e-sports. They go through merchandising, tickets to the tournaments, online advertising, and branding. A significant part of the revenue returns to the video game publishers. Given segment betting or bookmaking services revenue growth in 2016 is predicted even more - about $ 700 million.

Comparison Chart audience growth in eSports

Some interesting facts and comparisons:
- In 2016 it was carried out 112 big tournament, which generated 20.6 million dollars in ticket sales.
- The total prize fund of eSports events in 2015 reached $ 61 million with 70% growth.
- Global eSports audience in 2015 reached the mark of 226 million gamers., Of which 115 million - a constant crowd.
- Online advertising - the most growing segment. He grew in 2015 by 99.6%.
- Followers of e-sports can boast the fact that in 2015 the proportion of respectable audience of high-income and permanent jobs full-time increased significantly. They spend most of their income on eSports event.
- $ 54 on a fan - so much receive revenues in traditional sports. In basketball, the figure was $ 15.
- The e-sports fan with a median income in 2016 is projected to be between 3.5 and 7.6 dollars.

Comparative table revenue growth of 1 e-sports fans.

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