The RU-area League of Legends becomes very hot. Open League contenders

29 January 2016

On Wednesday 27 January the publisher of the game League of Legends Riot Games company announced the creation of a new league - League contenders. This is stated on the official website of the company. League contenders is designed to help young gamers on the way to the top in the mastery of the game League of Legends. It was created with the mediation of eSports organization Star Ladder. Earlier, at the end of the past 2015 game publisher created the Continental League LCL for the organization of the competition teams and players in the CIS countries.
Like the Continental League League contenders will be held 2 times a year (Spring and Summer split). It will consist of 8 teams. To get to the League you need to pre-qualify.
Preliminaries qualifications - a few open tournaments, which can be caught by anyone. Each open qualifying tournament involves 32 teams Russian server.
Requirements for the players to open qualifications:
- All players must have a rating of Diamond V and above;
- Age not less than 16 years;
- 60% of the team must have a passport of one or more countries of the CIS.
A statement from the interested teams can be submitted since 8 February. Games open selection League qualifying contenders begin February 15.
Format of qualifications:
- Each open tournament involving 32 teams;
- In the second round held on 8 teams;
- In the second round of the 16 teams participating;
- Next to the League contenders get a top 8 teams.
League contenders will be served by the best specialists StarLadder. The official release says that commentators and Awertum Genes1s have been invited to the pool.
Experts note that the League contenders can be an excellent tool in the formation of new stars eSports. Organizers invite teams and players League of Legends to participate in the league. Detailed draw of the tournament will be published later.
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Yuri Donchenko