The new team Team BEASTS intends to break the curse of the British eSports scene

02 February 2016

In old England, a new eSports team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pretentiously named Team BEASTS. It includes some well-known players from the UK, previously played in other British bands. This was announced today by leading Western power in the world of professional eSports.
It just so happened that the sports and the UK had developed powerful esports communities. Especially clearly it became clear after the collapse of the team "" 16 December last year.
The basis of the new team "Beasts" have made the former British players from Team Infused and FM eSports.
It's players like Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finlay, George "ZED" Bear, Somprasert "som" Haddow and Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas. Zed and Whindanski as part Infused former team won the second place in the British Championship last Gfinity, losing in the finals EZSkins. The fifth player took Josh's "mole" Rowley, known for his performances in the colors

Team BEASTS headed by coach from Ireland, Neil "NeiL_M" Murphy, who is ready to leave a trace in the history of the European arena.
Team captain chosen Beasts "ZED". It is known that he is from the UK and was 21 years old.
This is how the situation in the team and more widely in the British eSports Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finley.
"After the break, I feel a significant recovery effort and motivation for the game, about the same as it was when I started to play a pro-stage Counter-Strike.
I'm sorry but it's true: the British Counter-Strike is a laughing stock, although we have some capable players. This is an absurd sense of what I want to eliminate with a new team.
We will work hard to turn out and achieve your cords. "

Roster of the new team:

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