Fnatic.LoL Team on the road to perfection. Signed a new player Klaj.

10 February 2016

Building a world-class team - not an easy task. The top team in its division Fnatic League of Legends - the third roster over the last three years. On Support position managers signed a player Johan «Klaj» Olsson from Sweden. A Lewis «NoXiAK» Felix travel to "sub" (substitute).

According to an official statement on the team's website, the process of creating a new team - a very difficult and a little philosophic.
"When we were looking for a new support service this year (as well as all the players in general), our bar was high as ever."
When coaches have «NoXiAK», they appreciated him as a candidate for a probationary period, since the proprietary "system call shot (shot calling)" should be changed in the new year with new players. The entire burden of responsibility fell on "Rekkles", which, although it had a great strategic vision with excellent communicate abilities, but he was in a difficult situation due to "micro-intensive nature of the ADC-role."

In the future, the coaching team, despite the excellent results and generally clear progress, to review the long-term goals. As stated in the release, "We are planning the development of the team and its ability to capture the World Trophies this year." Therefore, we revised literally all the players of the main roster. The consequence of these directives was Noxiak moving to the bench and the signing of new players.

Among the many candidates chose Swede Johan «Klaj» Olsson. Despite the relatively small gaming experience, his play on the top tournaments and will also have a characteristic "hunger to win." Also candidacy Johan is best suited to the conjunction with Rekkles.
Johan Olsson 20 years old, he is from Sweden. It is also known by the nickname "Klajbajk". Johan for a long time spent in MeetYourMakers.TR team too on Support position. Then he was admitted to the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere in January 2016. 4 In official tournaments young athlete has earned $ 1, 591 USD.
In all four tournaments he won second place.

Currently roster Fnatic.LoL command is as follows:

The team takes 4th place in the standings League LCS grid.
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Yuri Donchenko