Odds Team EnVyUs on the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice

23 February 2016

Team EnVyUs - surely one of the world's best teams in Counter-Strike. It includes background only victories in the Premier tournaments in the past year as much as 8 (!), including first place in the Global eSports Cup Season 1 in 2016. The next challenge for the team will certainly become the world championship in Katowice, Poland Intel Extreme Masters Season X.
Star cast at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca in 2015.

Current members CSGO-team Team EnVyUs played from July 2015, after the swap with the Titans and joining the roster "apEX" and "kennyS".

His star-level, proved the suitability of the team in Cologne on ESL One Cologne in 2015, where she is in a bitter struggle in the finals lost to Fnatic only 0: 2. They came out of the group from the first place, reaching the playoffs with only one loss on the map 1 ex-TSM (now the Astralis). Despite losing fnatic's in the final, the team was noticed by experts and fans. Men from France for a long time remember the game of the world's top level.
Team EnVyUs on ESL One Cologne 2015

The next important stage in the life of the team was a victory on Valve DreamHack Cluj in 2015 Prime tournament in November last year. They beat their sworn enemies Fnatic in the quarter and continued his ascent to Olympus in-game semi-final against G2 Esports (again victory!). In the final, they stood in the way of Ukrainians from Natus Vincere. But the guys from Kiev is not able to provide adequate resistance to eventual winners, losing by 2 cards.
Ranking Team EnVyUs team ESL according to the official statistics for the last 6 months:

Already in the 2016 EnVyUs he showed his class by winning the Global eSports Cup tournament. Athletes defeated Cloud9, Astralis and Dignitas, embarked on their journey.
In Poland Katowice Team EnVyUs got into Group B, in which the bookmakers give her a head start, putting in first place among the favorites. However, the group stage of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 10th season is clearly not for the French game with only one goal. They come on the heels of Astralis stubborn Danes, and the Russian Virtus.pro of just waiting, when the opponent will calm down, resting on their laurels. FaZe Clan also strengthened by signing in January, the entire roster of G2 Esports for a record $ 700,000 dollars.
Spodek arena in Katowice already waiting for their heroes.

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