All you need to know before The Shanghai Major 2016

24 February 2016

Shanghai Major or "winter" Major - this is the second Premier-level tournament within Dota Major Championships from Valve. As already known, our experienced players, every year, in addition to the main event The International 3 additional passes from the publisher DOTA tournament games. Previous Major was held in Frankfurt, Germany, in November 2015. The next event in this series will be held in Manila, the Philippines in June 2016. The budget of each of the additional Valve tournaments - $ 3 million dollars. The Shanghai Major in 2016 will be held in Shanghai, China at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

The Shanghai Major 2016 has several stages:
- Group stage, in which the world's top 16 competing teams. Teams divided into four groups of four teams each. Matches: February 25-28. Format: BO3.
- Main Event or Playoff: 2-6 March 2016. 2 best teams from each group get to the top of the branch, the other 2 at the bottom. Format: BO3.
- Grand Final: 6 March. Format: Vo5.

The budget of the tournament in Shanghai - US $ 3 million will be distributed among the winners as follows:

The remaining 12 teams will receive depending on the location of 30 thousand dollars (13-16 seats) up to 202 thousand dollars (5-6 seats).
Among the participants of the tournament of 16 teams: 8 have a direct invitation (Direct Invite) and 8 were selected in the regional qualifications in their region. the team went from the European Region: Team Liquid (Europe) and the Team Spirit (Ukraine-Russia).
Here's how lots distributed teams in Groups:

The main hope of the CIS-region lies on (Russia) and Team Spirit (Ukraine-Russia).
In the ranking of the leading teams in the world on now occupies 6 place with 330 victories and 313 defeats in 687 matches. And Team Spirit - 26th place ranking with 32 victories and 20 defeats in 55 games played official matches. Top team RU-zone: Natus Vincere, Vega Squadron and Team Empire - a tournament in Shanghai did not get.
Ranking Top 20:

The claimed composition team to Shanghai:

It should be noted that Sergey "G" Bragin has alternative play nicknames God, GodKillThemAll.
Team Spirit put the following list of players:

Team Spirit team acquired DOTA 2 "CIS Rejects" December 6 last 2015.
Yuri Donchenko