Team Acer dissolved. Where it will go bly?

03 March 2016

Sports Organization Team Acer, which united the competitive players in several disciplines, - dissolved. About it became known on the eve of the official report on the website of the team from the CEO Uwe Semtner. The article is called "It's time to say goodbye ..."

"Today I say upbeat voice with weeping and laughter in the eyes of the whole world Cry - since the era came to an end:. Team Acer ceased to exist Laugh - because every project comes to an end and we all who have been involved in this process. we can look back and see the 5 successful years. "

Uwe Semtner
Uwe thanked everyone: the current roster and former players, as well as management team, management and fans, with the wish of a very successful future in eSports career. The Director-General urged all parties concerned not to look for the pitfalls in this decision, because "plans and strategies are changing, just like projects have a beginning and an end."
"In this regard, let me say again. Thank you to the players, managers, fans and sponsors and let us all together to remember the past 5 years."
Team Team Acer lasted 5 years. It consisted of a few commands: StarCraft 2, FIFA, League of Legends, Counter Strike and TrackMania. However, the most famous was the StarCraft team. In its composition at various times included such players as INnoVation, Nerchio, MMA, Scarlett and bly.
Alexander "bly" Svisyuk met the disintegration of the team in Poland IEM Katowice 2016.

"On the decay of team Team Acer I knew before the official announcement. And perhaps he could find a new team. But I do not often change the team (and I have 4 years to Acer)."
Team Acer - This cyber division of Acer Inc. International Computer Corporation (Taiwan). It founded in 2011. Headquartered all the time in Bad Toelz, Germany. Team Acer Sports Organization earned in 511 official tournaments $ 651.093 dollars. 92% of total revenues came from Team Acer.StarCraft. The leader in yield team was a player from South Korea "MMA" (Mun Seong Won), who earned $ 214.523 dollars.

Yuri Donchenko